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Vegetarian in Eastern NC

It is quite possible to imagine, though rare, a couple of folks who live in Eastern NC who do not eat pigs, cows, chickens, nor any other animal. Having been vegetarian now for almost 7 years, we have had our fair share of conversations with people who cannot fathom the thought of not eating animals,… Continue reading Vegetarian in Eastern NC

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Fall of '87, living off of Hillsborough Street in Downtown Raleigh, I (Gerry) was excited to see my first Replacements show, which was held at The Bear's Den, Mission Valley. They were out promoting their "Pleased to Meet Me" album. They were introducing their new guitarist, Slim Dunlap, who was taking the place of founding… Continue reading Westerberg

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How in the World Did Hemingway Become Such a Big Part of Our Life?

Like most people, I was tasked to read Hemingway in high school, never appreciating his writing until I became an adult. Gerry and I began visiting Key West a few times, also the home of Ernest Hemingway for a number of years, so he became part of our yearning to know more about Key West,… Continue reading How in the World Did Hemingway Become Such a Big Part of Our Life?

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When A Hibiscus Makes You Cry

I (Shannon) came home from work today, changed into my "outside clothes", took Betty White out for a stroll, and when we returned, she sat on the porch and watched me as I unraveled the hose to water the plants. It was a scorcher today, so it took longer than usual to quench all of… Continue reading When A Hibiscus Makes You Cry

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The Loveliness of Tea and Faith

It's National Tea Day, in addition to it being Easter, so this morning has been especially comforting. Tea, like my (Shannon) own personal faith, is like a warm blanket, though it hasn't always been that way. Let's start with tea--that road isn't as complicated. I never really appreciated tea until I went on a backpacking… Continue reading The Loveliness of Tea and Faith