Betty White’s 8th Birthday

Betty White’s 8th birthday pawty! 

Betty White turns 8 today! Obviously, we are speaking about our Betty White, our pibble-mix rescue who is the light of our lives. We rescued her when she was just 6 months old. She came into our household joining our senior kitty (Wilson) and a senior pup (Pharrell) and was told from the beginning to “be gentle”.  For a few years, Betty seemed to have taken the backseat to health issues of our furbabies. She was young, and agile, and despite getting tons of loving from us, she still, by no ill-will, was somewhat in the background due to the special needs Wilson and Pharrell had.

Once Wilson passed away, Betty White and Pharrell were, of course, the main focus. We were always taking them places together, spreading the love as evenly as we could, but when Pharrell became more geriatric, he then took the spotlight again, and Betty, being the loyal and understanding sister, stood back, waiting for her turn.

Betty White loves to take ventures to the Cape Lookout National Seashore

Last year, when Pharrell passed, Betty White had a few days of being solemn, and hanging around both of us a lot. She slept more than normal, which we know is a sign of depression (even in pups), and while we were both spiraling into a mild breakdown with the busy schedule of our business, and being unable to exhibit self-care to ourselves and each other, we knew that we had to do something before we three became even more of a mess than we already were.

So, we said goodbye to our business, our house, and anything and everyone else in Raleigh, and hightailed it to the Crystal Coast, looking for a new life- a life where the salty air and the sea could help to heal all of our hearts. We knew that we all wanted to be near the ocean, and we wanted Betty White to enjoy her life as much as we were yearning to also enjoy ours again. We knew, it was time to walk away. With leaving the crazy business-owner lifestyle of running a business that operates 24/7, we wanted simplicity. You can read more about our transition to a more minimalist lifestyle here, and what led to our desire to live tiny.

There isn’t a prettier gal on the Crystal Coast! 😉

Needless to say, the life we now have is more conducive to living a peaceful of life, and for Betty White, she has never been happier. Like us, she loves going to the waterfront every morning and evening for walks. She loves the smell of salt air, and she adores frolicking in the ocean, getting sand between her paws. This year, Betty’s 8th birthday, is a special one. We’ve come a long way, baby!

Happy 8th birthday, to our ride or die, love muffin, travel companion, our rock, our sweetest of the sweet, and the cutest gal on the Crystal Coast, Betty White! Today, we cheers to you, Betty White, on your 8th trip around the sun… It makes it better when that trip is by the sea!

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