Conversations (Shannon’s take)

Conversations are something that are, unfortunately a rarity these days, and until recently, I hadn’t made the time to have many. I always felt like I was living a busy life, too busy to have conversations with anyone.

2017 was a really tough year πŸ™

Things are changing.

This New Year’s Eve (and the previous day), we spent the day travelling to see family we did not see over Christmas and Thanksgiving. Gerry went to see his dad and spent an overnight, while Betty White and I spent NYE-Eve with my mom and stepdad for the night. I also visited my nieces (and sister, dad and step-mom) on the way back to the Coast to make it home in time to spend NYE with Ger.

NYE Tour 2017 included a trip to my nieces, so of course, a selfie had to commemorate the trip (check out Betty White) πŸ˜‰

We both reflected on our conversations held with family. The first thing everyone wants to know is, “how are you doing with tiny living?” We always reply with how it has been the best adjustment for us, we live more simply, and despite how difficult 2017 has been for us, we are on the right path to begin 2018 in a fresh light, living in our tiny abode by the sea.

Interestingly enough, conversations are the most simple way to spend the holidays and time with friends and family. Without all of the pomp and circumstance, we are able to talk about things, learn more about each other, without staring at our phones, or being in a tv-trance, avoiding each other.

Ger and his dad enjoyed a couple of meals, and a beer, and talked about previous holidays they spent, how his dad is doing without his mom having passed away (now 5 years ago), and catching up on his dad’s golf game, family updates, and our lives here on the Crystal Coast.

Among a million other things, my mom and I have our love for Billy Murray in common- which makes for excellent conversation.

Mom and I were able to let the dogs enjoy each other’s company- something I haven’t done since Pharrell passed away, so Betty White was pretty stoked. My mom recently moved to Siler City on a huge piece of farm-land so we talked about getting chickens, easy living, and we baked- it was a simple and pleasant time.

On the way back home, I visited my sister and fam. We had conversations about coastal living, tiny living, and a simpler life that they know Ger and I have craved for so long. My dad surprised us all with a cruise for the whole family to take at the end of January-needless to say, that was exciting conversation. πŸ™‚ The girls enjoyed time with Betty White, I toasted the “kids’ NYE” at 7pm with a glass of prosecco, and hit the road back to my hubby. Betty White slept the whole way home, while I listened to Radio Margaritaville, generating my own conversation in my head about the adventures 2018 will bring!

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