Election Countdown Checklist

It would be neglectful of us to not utilize our blog for promoting the importance of voting, since it is really a minimal task. We like to remind ourselves that living minimally does not reduce the impact nor quality of our decisions. Being minimalists, we have strong beliefs in who and what governs our way of life, since so much of the American way of life, aligns itself with materialism, and negative impacts on the environment. We wish to align ourselves with those who also feel strongly about the issues that will directly impact our lives. We are not going to get preachy about who we think is the best fit for governing in any race, but we do feel very strongly about you exercising your right to vote.

In the past few months, we have spoken with many people, who are understandably fed up with the entire political arena, and want to throw their hands up in the air and give up, not wanting to vote for anyone. Here is the thing, voting is the very least you can do. If you don’t feel that there is a candidate on the local or national level who you feel you can support, then do your homework on the issues that are important to you. How did the candidates use their voice for those matters? Showing up to vote is paramount! With just 26 days until the election, we have compiled an election countdown checklist to help you prepare to exercise your right to vote.

  • Check your voter registration. Is it aligned with your current address? The last thing you want to do is find out on election day that you are at the wrong polling place, due to a recent move, or that you cannot vote due to not having everything updated.  
  • Make a logistical plan to vote. Does this include returning your absentee ballot? Do you prefer voting early, to avoid the crowds? Know your polling place, and the hours. Voting the day of? Schedule it into your day, to be sure nothing interferes with you voting.
  • Volunteer. If you are strongly backing a candidate, or an issue, contact a local political organization and volunteer. This can be done via phone banking, helping fundraise, or even pass out flyers. There are tons of options awaiting you if you feel the pull to do so.
  • Help a friend/loved one. There are many who need your help with either filling out their absentee ballot, or even getting a ride to the polls. Make some calls/texts or send an email to your circle, asking if anyone needs help voting.
  • Look past the presidency. There are many elections going on, November 3rd, not just the Presidential election. Your local and state elections matter! Your vote can be the catalyst in who wins, and what issues are on the table, so do your research, and know that your voice counts.
  • Do your research! Go to your local board of elections, online or in person, and ask for your sample ballot. You can have a preview of exactly what your ballot will look like on election day. Look into the candidates, and know which ones align with your values and key issues. You can go ahead and fill it out, and take it in with you on election day, using it as a guide. You have no idea how much more confident you will feel, walking away from the ballot box.
  • Show up. We cannot stress this enough. No matter what side of the aisle you lean, just show up, and vote!

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