Empathetic Living

Much is made these days, at least in my (Gerry) reading circles, of the empaths, old soul personality type, who seem to be the type to seek a lifestyle much like Shannon and I have sought out in a smaller town by the water. We are empathetic individuals in different ways. I consider myself highly sensitive to the high demands of modern life; simplicity is my goal. Meanwhile, Shannon allows the harm of, or well being of animals to cause her to be sensitive and emotional.

In our daily life, we need a slower pace, filled with people who we take time to talk and have meaningful conversations with, as opposed to relationships being exclusively activity oriented. Of course, activities are important, but the old soul persona needs more involvement with nature; this can include activities of a more solitude type: taking a walk alone, sitting by the water, and perhaps a casual bike ride.

Enjoying a nature hike in the NC mountains

We often need more time for processing and healing. We also tend to carry unresolved issues from the past; we are not ones to roll through problems and issues, as hardier souls might. Some necessities for us are journaling, meditation, deep breathing, and mandating clear boundaries with those who love us, in order to live a peaceful and mindful life.

Other empathetic people, like myself, often seek out a comfortable work environment, even if that means less pay. We prefer having free time filled with fun hobbies and projects- all of which are essentials to maintaining a balanced life. When it comes to personal mending and healing, most empaths seem to know a lot about it, or at least, are on the path of doing so. I have found that reading books such as “The Highly Sensitive Person” by Elaine Aron, is extremely helpful in learning more about maneuvering through life with this personality type. I feel as though the steps we make in our lives, such as a more minimalist approach, spending more time outdoors, and creating our own adventures, play a large role in shaping our future in a more positive and soothing way.

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