Episode #26: A Spark in Our Lives: Owner & Designer of FerrisBuilt: Lindsey Ferris

Lindsey Ferris FerrisBuilt

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Our guest today is Lindsey Ferris of FerrisBuilt. That may sound familiar to you if you are a longtime follower of Arner Adventures.  We have partnered with Lindsey on many mental health awareness campaigns, you may have seen us wear products from her clothing line- t-shirts and apparel that brings the topic of mental health to the forefront. She is such a great mental health advocate, and businesswoman, which is why we were so excited to have her on the show.

Let us tell you about Lindsey Ferris:

Lindsey Ferris is the owner and designer at FerrisBuilt. FerrisBuilt is a Seattle-based business that offers empowering apparel and goods with topics covering mental health and current events. You’ve seen us wear her clothing and heard us talk about it on Episode #20 where we talked about our favorites for mental health awareness month. 

Lindsey is a wonderful mental health advocate and is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is also the single mother of twin girls, so we are really grateful for her time today. 

Lindsey Ferris FerrisBuilt
Arner Adventures wearing (and using) FerrisBuilt

In this episode we chat about:

  • How FerrisBuilt was born
  • Starting and running a business during a pandemic
  • Where her passion for mental health and advocacy comes from
  • FerrisBuilt products and bringing mental health into normal conversation
  • Our love of the products and apparel
  • The Markle Effect
  • Her recommendations for the mental health industry-big picture
  • Who inspires her and the values she wants to instill in her daughters
  • The book she recommends everyone read
  • Lindsey answers our 10 rapid-fire questions, and the most important question, “What does a life well lived mean to you?”

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