Episode #5: A Spark in Our Lives: New York City Interior Designer Alvin Wayne

Alvin Wayne Arner Adventures Podcast

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This episode launches our guest episode series, “A Spark in Our Lives,” which is the catalyst of why we wanted to start The Arner Adventures Podcast. We yearned to chat with people who have not only inspired us, but who have ignited a spark in our lives to motivate us to go after the life that we desire. When we started our list of who we wanted to have as a guest on the podcast, Alvin was on the top of the list, and we were thrilled when he said yes!

Let us tell you about Alvin Wayne:

Alvin Wayne is a NYC based Interior Designer and Visual Curator. We have been inspired by his ability to make any space chic, especially small spaces. Alvin believes everyone deserves to live in luxury no matter the budget. He has a fabulous story of living life to the fullest, shows up every single day on Instagram to not only showcase his design aesthetic through his IG stories, but to incite passion from anyone who follows him. Alvin has been featured in HGTV, Apartment Therapy, and most recently by Architectural Digest in The Iconic Home Black Interior Designers Network, AND his apartment has been featured in Architectural Digest, because, well, it’s ahhhmazing!

Alvin Wayne Arner Adventures Podcast
Alvin Wayne’s New York City Apartment – Credit: Alvin Wayne Portfolio

In this episode we chat about:

  • Alvin’s Instagram stories and how he shows up every single day with morning inspiration. We highly encourage you to follow him and be motivated every day.
  • The moving reel from Versailles that is a MUST WATCH. Save it because it’s so great, and makes you feel like you were in Paris with Alvin.
  • What inspires Alvin to design, his aesthetic, his dream project, and his passion.
  • Alvin answers our audience questions surrounding #planttalktuesday, plants and design, necessities in your home, the famous “Kiss Me Karl” neon sign, and he answers our rapid fire questions.
  • Alvin answers the most important question, “What does a life well lives mean to you?” Spoiler alert- chill bumps!

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