Episode #6: A Spark in Our Lives: Singer-Songwriter Chuck Phillips

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This episode is the second in our series, “A Spark in Our Lives,” which is the catalyst of why we wanted to start The Arner Adventures Podcast. We yearned to chat with people who have not only inspired us, but who have ignited a spark in our lives, to motivate us to go after the life that we desire. When we compiled our list of who we wanted to have as a guest on the podcast, Chuck was on the top of the list, and we are so honored that he gave us his time for this conversation!

Let us tell you about Chuck Phillips:

Chuck Phillips and Jimmy Buffett
The photo we talk about in this episode: Chuck Phillips and Jimmy Buffett- Credit: Chuck Phillip’s Instagram

Chuck Phillips is a North Carolina native, so obviously, we have a little something in common. Chuck is a singer, songwriter, and musician who we had the pleasure of meeting a few years ago in Washington, NC. Chuck plays across all of Eastern NC, both solo and with his quartet, The Chuck Phillips Band. In addition to performing, he hosts a podcast called Washington City Limits, featuring local NC artists who write original music. He also runs a home studio producing tracks for other artists. He has played from New York to England, to Holland, to The Bahamas and beyond. We are elated to have had Chuck as a guest on our podcast!

In this episode we chat about:

  • Chuck’s early influences of music: Huey Lewis being the first.
  • His adventures with music, though being from Eastern North Carolina, he has met some pretty famous people- Jimmy Buffett for one, and how a sailboat ride to Oriental, NC led him to a longtime friendship with musician, Al Stewart.
  • His pandemic “covid sessions” where he virtually entertained us with his music via Facebook live concerts.
  • His song “Greta Garbo” (Shannon’s fave), the inspiration behind the song, and much of the album, ACT I: SCENE II.
  • Hosting his podcast, Washington City Limits, where he interviews NC artists, and we discuss the future of the podcast.
  • His love of The Beatles, answering some of Gerry’s music questions in relation to the Fab Four.
  • A sneak peak of the Chuck Phillips Band, and an inside scoop- you heard it here first, folks!
  • Chuck answers our 10 rapid fire questions, and the most important question, “What does a life well lives mean to you?” He has such a great answer. You don’t want to miss this!

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