Episode #7: A Spark in Our Lives: Sutanya Dacres, Creator and Host of the Dinner for One Podcast

Sutanya Dacres Dinner for One

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This episode is the third in our series, β€œA Spark in Our Lives,” of The Arner Adventures Podcast, where we invite people who have lit a spark in us, on one way or another, who have inspired us, who have cultivated the life that they desire, whether that be due to overcoming certain circumstances, or are just going for their dreams, their goals, and this Sutanya Dacres does just that.

Let us tell you about Sutanya Dacres:

Sutanya Dacres is the creator and host of the podcast Dinner for One, which has been featured in The New York Times, BBC, The Guardian, Time Out, and more. She has held a number of copywriting positions in New York City and Paris. Having grown up in The Bronx, she currently resides, and cooks dinners for one, in the Montmartre neighborhood of Paris. We discovered her and the Dinner for One Podcast at the beginning of the pandemic, when we were looking for comfort, and she became a staple for us and has ever since, which is why it is such an honor for us to have her on the podcast.

In this episode we chat about:

  • How we found comfort from Sutanya in the beginning of the pandemic when we discovered the Dinner For One podcast.
  • The catalyst for Sutanya starting her podcast, and her vulnerability of putting her personal healing into the world.
  • The romanticism of Paris, and her neighborhood of Montmartre.
  • How she cultivates the content for her shows: pairing food with topics.
  • A sneak peak of her actual Dinner for One– does she cook like that all the time?
  • Her thoughts on Netflix’s, “Emily in Paris”.
  • How she has changed through the seasons of her podcast, and all the feels, we as listeners get from listening to her journey along the way.
  • Her upcoming book, “Dinner for One: How Cooking in Paris Saved Me
  • Sutanya answers our 10 rapid fire questions, and the most important question, “What does a life well lives mean to you?” Sutanya brings joy through her cooking and her voice, so spoiler alert- she is experiencing her definition of a well lived life! Be sure to listen to her answer.

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