Episode #8: The Great Resignation- Addressing the Heated Discussion on the Topic of Quitting Your Job

The Great Resignation Podcast

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This is episode 8, and it’s a hot one! We are back to address some of the comments we received from our most recent blog post, “The Great Resignation”. Wow! Who knew that this topic would resonate with so many people!? Apparently, when you talk about quitting your job, people have a lot to say.

We also wanted to come back on the month anniversary of our podcast, and with it being the 8th episode, we are already ahead of most podcast series! You see, there is a term called, podfading. We learned this term from Flobo Boyce. Podfading happens to about 75% of podcasts, and most podcasts don’t make it to the 8th episode, so we feel pretty excited to have made it this far. We’re on a roll! 🙂

In this episode we chat about:

  • What is “The Great Resignation” and where the term originated from.
  • Why are people quitting their jobs in record numbers?
  • What are people doing when they quit their jobs?
  • Rage quitting– people who are so fed up with their current work situation and/or conditions that they would rather take the risk of whatever comes their way after quitting, than deal with another day of working for their current employer.
  • How do we get in that Bored Ape Yacht Club, anyway? Ok, we don’t answer that question, but we do talk about it. 
  • The responses we received from the blog- wow, you all had a lot to say. 
  • Shannon’s resignation story.
  • If you are someone who is not so happy with what you are doing, and/or looking for resources to freelance, or pick-up a side hustle while you work towards your own Great Resignation, we put together a Free Freelance Resource Guide you can download.

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