For Now, I’ll Stick to Monotheism

My (Gerry) thoughts often wander to the idea of religion and how it guides us through life. It seems my views change daily, as I struggle between what I was raised to believe, and what I have learned in many years of absorbing other ideas and teachings. Naturally, I lean toward the Christian faith of my upbringing, having gone to church and Sunday school while growing up. Also, in Eastern North Carolina, where we currently reside, I am surrounded by a strong following of the many denominations of Christianity.

Judaism sparks some interest to me, at least from the bits and pieces I have read up on, and been able to absorb. They should also receive some credit for being the forerunners of the monotheistic movement. Lastly, and what really hits home for me, is their contribution to the world of comedy. All of my favorite comedians are of Jewish origin. How can I deny a religion that has given us Jerry Seinfeld, Woody Allen, Sarah Silverman, Adam Sandler, George Burns, Gilda Radner, Richard Lewis, and Larry David? The list goes on and on. This hits home with me in a way that edges the Jewish faith right up alongside the Christianity of my upbringing.

Three of my favorite comedians (L to R): Larry David, Richard Lewis, and Jerry Seinfeld (Image Credits: Doug Hyun IPTC Photo Metadata)

I have to say that I know little to nothing about Islam, and I am not so sure I am crazy about the dress code.

Most other religions that came before the aforementioned are of a polytheistic nature, or the belief in many gods or deities. Hinduism being one of the more prominent of those. I have reached a point in life where it is just a bit much to wrap my head around this concept. Although, I am sure for many, these beliefs have offered a sustaining and fulfilling way to go through life. So, moving forward, I’ll always seek to learn more of our world’s religions and how they have sustained us over time. As for me, my views will evolve constantly, and for now, I think I’ll stick to monotheism.

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