Creating a Hygge Environment in Your Minimalist Home This Holiday Season

Creating a Hygge Environment in Your Minimalist Home This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and, like many things this year, we are discovering new ways to celebrate, share and experience the spirit of the season. Recently, the Danish practice of “Hygge” has become a major trend. If you’re not familiar with the term, then you’re in for a treat! We’ve talked about the relationship between hygge and minimalism before, but now we want to connect the two during the holidays.

We’ll break down the concept and show you how you can incorporate it into your holiday season.

Let’s start with the definition.

What is hygge?

Hygge (pronounced hoo-geh) is a Danish word for feeling relaxed, cozy and content. Unlike other lifestyle trends that focus on things and aesthetics, hygge is about savoring and celebrating moments with friends and family and engaging in activities that are meaningful to you.  Hygge is that fuzzy and warm feeling of blissful happiness that comes from the simplest things.

Danes have been ranked among the happiest people in the world for decades so we can definitely learn something from them!

Here’s how you can create a hygge-inspired space that you will enjoy and feel calm in this holiday season:

1. Master the warm hygge glow

With 17 hours of daily darkness in winter, Danes rely on warm illumination to create a hygge environment in their homes.  It’s all about creating a welcoming and soothing vibe and you can do that with a few lighting tricks. Light up some candles with delicious holiday scents like pine, fig, cinnamon, cloves, sandalwood and chestnut to set the mood. Skip overhead lighting and use floor and table lamps instead, with warm white or soft white bulbs. If you like fairy lights, string them around your living room, dining table and balcony to make your home look more festive.

Creating a Hygge Environment in Your Minimalist Home This Holiday Season

2. Add soft textures

Textures add depth and are an easy and quick way to add instant coziness to your space. Toss blankets, pillows and rugs around our home, preferably made from snug fabrics such as linen, bamboo (such as sheets from Cozy Earth) and faux fur. Don’t be afraid to play with your space and add some warmth to your walls, too.

3. Be present

Hygge is much more than cozy décor, it demands total immersion in the present moment. This holiday, give yourself a chance to live beyond your digital presence by turning off your notifications and limiting your screen time. Allow yourself to connect with yourself, nature, and those around you.

4. Spend time with friends & family

Since the pandemic started, people have been more sentimental than ever about the holidays. Spending precious moments with loved ones is an excellent way to achieve hygge. If you can’t be with your family, try and spend time with the next-closest group of people to you.

5. Create holiday traditions

Holiday traditions bring hygge into the holiday season and are key to sustaining bonds and connections with loved ones. If you don’t have old cultural traditions, you can create your own.

Here are a few fun ideas to inspire you:

  • Make handmade ornaments and gifts together 
  • Enjoy a picnic on the floor around the tree
  • Take a family hike
  • Go caroling around the neighborhood
  • Build a snow person
  • Have a movie marathon
  • Create your own family recipes
  • Write thank you notes to each other
  • Participate in charity drives
Creating a Hygge Environment in Your Minimalist Home This Holiday Season

6. Make hygge foods

While comfort food is welcome all year round, it’s extra special in the wintertime. There’s just something about the smell of a steaming pot of soup or baking cookies that feels like home! Spoil your friends and family with winter happy meals such as hot chocolate, tea, cheesy toasts, creamy soups, porridges and pancakes. The goal is to indulge mindfully and express gratitude for having the opportunity to do so.

7. Have a hyggekrog

A hyggekrog is a cozy nook in your home where you can curl up under a warm blanket with a good book. Find a corner of your home with a comfy seating area, preferably with a view looking out to nature. Layer pillows and throws, add a warm lamp for soft lighting, and a side table to hold your favorite beverage.

8. Embrace simplicity

Lastly, remember that the hygge life is about ease, contentment, and comfort. While adding a few items to your home can help create a cozy environment, Hygge is about taking pleasure in the simplest things; seeing people smile, a good cup of coffee, the cackling sound from the fireplace, watching the sunset, a funny movie, and more.

Wrapping up

Hygge is the perfect antidote to the stress and fussiness associated with the holidays. The best part is you can make your home look and feel good without spending a ton of money, while creating lasting memories your loved ones will cherish forever.

So start planning how you can create a hygge home this holiday season and expect a fun, relaxing and wholesome experience!

Let us know what you think!