Life is Short…

Life is short. It becomes more evident the older I get. Perhaps because the obvious conclusion is that it is – getting shorter.

This past weekend, my mother turned 60. I remember when 60 sounded so old. Now, I can hardly believe how quickly the years fly by. I am amazed that my own mother is 60. My dad, now 62, is constantly asking Google about his life expectancy. He texted me a few weeks ago, “hey, Google says that I have about 15 more years left…life is short”. I was appalled and told him to stop googling such things. His outlook isn’t out of fear, at least he doesn’t portray it to be that way. He is constantly reminding us how short life is- ever since his mother, my grandmother, died 6 years ago, and telling us to enjoy every second. If you knew my dad, you would know just how off it is that he has become philosophical as he ages. He recently planned a trip, inviting the family, to Key West. He will be entering the Ernest Hemingway Look-a-like Contest!

My parents were young when they had me, which has always been nice for me. My mom likes to say that we grew up together; she experienced life as I was experiencing it, later making us friends, as well as mother and daughter. Of course, try telling teenage Shannon that she would one day be friends with mom…yeah, she would laugh, hysterically, in your face.

Mom and I Celebrating her 60th Birthday!

Ger’s dad, is in his later 80’s, which is an extreme difference than what I experienced. Gerry’s parents had him as older parents, so he has had a much different view of his parents, having also lost his mother a few years back after suffering from an aneurysm. His parents were very active, playing doubles-tennis until this happened. With both of our different experiences, we can both see that indeed, life is short.

Yesterday, my teenage crush, Luke Perry, passed away, after suffering a massive stroke. How in the world does this happen?! Life happens. It seems as if life is always telling us to grab experiences by the horn, and ride it off into the sunset. I continue to hear stories of how he made these small differences to so many lives, that as a collective whole, he made a huge difference on this world in such a short time. The best story I have heard, is that he carried a couple of balloons in his pocket while on planes in case a child was upset, he would blow up the balloon and give it to them. Wow!

Last week, I finished David Goggins’ book, “Can’t Hurt Me”. If you haven’t read this book, nor heard of Goggins, stop reading this right now, and go get his book, follow him on Instagram, or Google his story- in fact, do all of the above. His story will change your life. Anyway, he has a philosophy about going to Heaven. He wants to see God at the end of his life, and see that the chart that was mapped out for him was a correct depiction of the capacity of what he did with his life. The regret would be to die, go to Heaven, and God show you your life chart of what you were capable of, and knowing you did not meet those capabilities, not using your life for what you could have done with it.

2019 has presented much inspiration, direction, and motivation, to enjoy every single second. We both want to be happy in our careers, our leisurely life, our relationships, and having those around us who present positive vibes. It sounds a little hippy-like, but like my dad, the older I get, the more I realize just how short life is. I want to relish in every single moment, not regretting to enjoy those around me, lying my head down at night, being proud of the day I leave behind me. It’s only March, and I can hardly wait to see what other lessons 2019 will bring! What lessons have you learned so far in 2019?

Let us know what you think!