Minimalist Weekend

Ah, the weekend. We countdown the days each week until we finally arrive to that magical time… but how do you spend it? Many try to pack in as much as they can to be sure they eat every morsel of what those two free days have to offer, running around all over town, traveling a great distance to see friends and family, only to make it back Sunday evening tired, in a rush to start the week over again, then to countdown the days again until the next round. There is not much worse than settling into the bed on Sunday evenings, wondering what happened to the weekend.

We love taking a walk with Betty White in her stroller. When she tires of walking, we can keep going and she enjoys the ride.

We have a rule: every other weekend (as much as we can possibly help it, barring no family emergencies arrive) we have a “car is parked” weekend. What does that mean? It means that once we arrive home from work on Friday, we cannot move the car again until we leave for work on Monday. To some, this may sound terrible, much like those who cannot put down their phones for a day, or couldn’t possibly participate in a “Tech-free Tuesday”, but for us, it is a reminder of all that your surroundings have to offer. You just have to be willing to stop, and actually smell the roses. Seriously.

We are fortunate to be walking distance to the water, a neat little downtown area, a dog park, and we live in a great biking town. Even if you do not have the surroundings that we have, you can still put your sneakers on and walk around to see what your community has to offer. Maybe there is a neighbor you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting, maybe you can do some roadside cleanup along your stroll, or maybe you and your pup can have some bonding time while you stroll the sidewalks or streets near your home. You may even find some paths you didn’t know even existed. Turn off your phone, or at least put it away, and get lost for a bit. There is something really exhilarating about getting lost in your own thoughts, as well as physically lost, and then finding your way back to civilization again.

We love hopping on our bikes and peddling around town to see what we miss while we’re in our cars.

Another option is to spend some time on your porch, just reading a book, or working in your yard. Get creative with some recipes you’ve been wanting to try! Take this minimalist weekend another step further, and make a rule to not turn on the TV for the weekend. It’s an amazing feeling, really, you should try it! We’d be remiss without adding the fact that a minimalist weekend dramatically reduces your carbon footprint.

Would you ever stop your car to go climb a tree? Probably not. A “climbing tree” presents itself while on a walk in our neighborhood.

We’ve added other little rules to these weekends, often challenging ourselves to not spend any money on our minimalist weekend (including online) , not getting on social media, leaving our phones inside if we are outside, and don’t fall to the temptation of delivery food (after all, that defeats the purpose of reducing your carbon footprint)…the possibilities are limitless!

Sidenote- in the mornings, we do not turn on the TV because it seems like there is so much negativity blaring at you,  so we turn on music while we begin our day, or we listen to NPR’s Morning Edition, which is informative and inspiring, without leaving you fearful of walking out the door. Kick the sensationalism to the curb. You don’t need it, especially right before you get your day started.

We hope you read this and opt to shut down your phone, or computer, and get back to the basics of your weekend. Use it to relax, rejuvenate, experience your surroundings with minimal effort, and create your own untapped adventures in a simple way that leaves you fulfilled when you get ready for your work week again on Monday.

6 thoughts on “Minimalist Weekend

  1. Shannon, I think about you often and have hoped that you and Gerry had settled and were happy. I was overjoyed when I found your Arner Adventures postings and truly enjoyed catching up with everything you shared. I hope you continue to heal and find joy in your new life and that you will continue to share your journey with those of us that will one day need to make changes to our own lives.

    Miss you,
    Donna, Nelson and Bailey Lewis

    1. Donna, we, too, think of you three often! Thank you so much for checking in. We have enjoyed the salt air and being by the sea. It truly has healing properties. This change has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. Please give Nelson and Bailey a hug from us, and one for you as well! You are truly special person and we hope to catch up again, one day soon!

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