We have a blog series called, “Music Monday,” here on Arner Adventures. Since music creates a soundtrack for our day-to-day living, it only makes sense. The second single, released from Bruce Springsteen’s upcoming LP, “Letter to You” is a rousing anthem paying tribute to lost bandmates and loved ones.

The most interesting thing, regarding the new album, due out October 23rd, is the recording process, done over a five-day period, with the band playing live, in Springsteen’s New Jersey home studio. With the urging of long-time bandmates, Roy Bittan, and Stevie Van Zandt (of Soprano’s fame), the songs were never given proper demos. Only sparse guitar and voice recordings were made on Springsteen’s iPhone for the band to learn. The result is a classic E Street sound, that has been deliberately avoided for decades.

Ghosts” checks in at six minutes of roots, rock, revelry, with all the classic elements of the band on display. It is easy to pick up on the jangly guitars, tempo changes awash with organ and piano interludes, common to the E Street sound. Lyrically, it is a deliberate and straight forward attempt to reminisce on the falling bandmates who helped develop Bruce’s sound and career. The guitar driven “Ghosts” is accompanied by a powerful drum beat from the mighty Max Weinberg (of Conan O’Brien fame). The outro features the sax of Jake Clemmons (nephew of Clarence Clemmons) and a chorus of “la la la’s” that only makes one imagine how it will feel on a concert stage, hopefully by 2022.

Ghosts” is an inspiring homage to lost E Street band members, Clarence Clemmons and Danny Federici, as well as George Theiss, who led Springsteen’s first band, The Castiles, in the late 1960’s. Their spirit feels present in the sound and energy of the song, and I’m sure they are smiling down from the great beyond.  

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