Music Monday: Tommy Lee

We have a blog series called, “Music Monday,” here on Arner Adventures. Since music creates a soundtrack for our day-to-day living, it only makes sense.

This week, I am discussing the song, “Tommy Lee”, by Tyla Yaweh. Tyla Yaweh teams up with touring partner, Post Malone, for a little midsummer fun- during a midsummer in great need of a little fun. The song takes its title from drummer Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe fame. Lee’s name is used in an appropriate way as the song details rock star excess, told hip-hop style. Lee is responsible for the beats in this infectious little tune, and Post Malone joins in to add a little magic of his own. Most everything Malone (or Posty, as his adoring fans refer to him) touches lately seems to shine. His versatility has been on display in many ways, including his remote concert of covers of Nirvana’s songs. If you haven’t seen it yet, you must. You can access that here.

Lyrically, the song doesn’t offer up much in content that any other song about rock star excess has. The territory has been covered greatly through the years, including Post Malone’s “Rockstar”, but that doesn’t take anything away from the shear enjoyment of the song. In fact, “Tommy Lee” has earned Yaweh his first career Billboard Hot 100 entry.

The combination of these three artists proves a winner and one you’re sure to be hearing throughout the summer. The song is smooth from start to finish with a nice vocal melody delivered by Yaweh. With friends in high places, such as Post Malone and Tommy Lee, I’m sure we will be hearing more from Tyla Yaweh in the future, but it is his talent alone, that sets him up as a true artist of his time.  With Yaweh having released his debut album, “Heart Full of Rage” a year ago, perhaps “Tommy Lee” will be featured on his sophomore effort.

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