Music Monday: Unwind

We have a blog series called, “Music Monday,” here on Arner Adventures. Since music creates a soundtrack for our day-to-day living, it only makes sense. 

Unwind” is the new single from the forthcoming album from talented singer/songwriter Cheryl B. Engelhardt due out July 2021. The heart of this song is it’s beautiful chorus sung in an even more beautiful voice. Cheryl’s voice is relaxed and soothing while delivering a defiant and redemptive message. The title of the song is summed up perfectly in the lyric, “You cannot unwind me, I am not lost just because you can’t find me.” She concludes “There’s no room under my skin for you, my heart will always bind me, so you can’t unwind me.” The chorus ties the song together, building as it is sung, into a softer, more gentler manner the first time around. By the time it rolls around again the singer’s voice builds more intense in her delivery. The song finishes with the chorus sung in a much softer way. The singer sounds more accepting of the matters that confront her. 

The chorus is only made stronger by the soft, but haunting verses that surround it. Lush keyboard sounds, light percussion, and the breakdown in the middle offers the idea of loving and being loved as the answer to whatever complexities have made this relationship go wrong. 

Cheryl B. Engelhardt is a singer/songwriter who has developed a broad range of musical talents all stemming from her classical training on piano. I can’t help but think “Unwind” would be a great introduction into her music, and also a great way to listen, relax, and oh well… unwind. I know I’ve been led to yearn for more, and will be searching through her catalog to further my knowledge of her music.

6 thoughts on “Music Monday: Unwind

  1. I really like the lyric, “There’s no room under my skin for you.” That’s powerful. I think Cheryl is reminiscent of an updated Enya. I loved this.

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