The Arner Adventures Podcast

The Arner Adventures Podcast

We are so excited to announce that “The Arner Adventures Podcast” has officially launched!

We hope you’ll join us for this new and exciting adventure. Our vision for “The Arner Adventures Podcast” was to create a space where we could showcase not only how we live life minimally, but fully, but bring in guests who inspired us, who have brought a spark into our lives! Boy, oh, boy, do we have guests on tap for you! We’re so grateful for this opportunity!

How to Listen:

You can visit this link, pick your favorite way to listen to podcasts, go ahead and subscribe to our show! That way, you will be notified when our new episodes drop.

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The Arner Adventures Podcast Description

Hi, we’re Shannon & Gerry Arner, your hosts (and our pup, Betty White) After owning our own business, working 24/7, (and a mental breakdown in between) we made a lifestyle change and decided to make the most out of life. We sold our house, most of our belongings, downsized, and moved to the coast. We live life minimally, but fully. We live each day as an adventure, and enjoy sharing them with you! This show will help you learn how to live life more fully, with more intention, by experiencing more, and with less stuff. Come join our adventure! It’s the Arner Adventures Podcast!

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