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WNCT9 Gerry and Shannon Arner decided they were going to sell their business, house and belongings all in the span of a few weeks to start a new lifestyle. They say they had watched others cultivate this lifestyle and that inspired them, so they decided to act on it. The Arners, along with their dog, Betty White, spend quite a bit of their time traveling, blogging and creating Youtube videos. They lead a fascinating lifestyle now that has caught the attention of many online. 

Knew Amsterdam Radio w/ Flobo Boyce Lifestyle bloggers and DINK (double income no kids) couple Shannon and Gerry Arner, discuss their experiences in minimalistic living, their blog, and working as a team. 

The Dennis Relojo-Howell Show Lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur Shannon Arner discusses the benefits of how her minimalist lifestyle benefits her mental wellness. She also discusses her previous experience with burnout, compassion fatigue, and the chaotic life as a business owner.

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