Sail-ine Solution

I’ve (Gerry) spent a great deal of this last year around boats working on, and watching them operate. During this time, I’ve come to realize how bad most boat names are. It appears to me, one requirement to be licensed to operate a boat is that you lack a single creative bone in your body. In many cases, opting out of naming your boat would be the best decision.

31681191037330962359132.jpegMostly, they are really bad puns and many cheesy, juvenile, sexual innuendos. I get wanting to float around on a boat and never grow up, but when your idea of good humor never evolves above Beavis and Butthead level jokes, you are in serious need of some introspection.

Putting personal affiliations like favorite sports teams, or your Alma Mater, can go way over the top too. Case in point, is a gaudy “Hooked on Jesus” moniker with a fancy paint job, that sits at a local marina. If someone pulled up with “Hooked on Allah” on their boat, they’d be run right out of town.

The future Captain of “Sail-ine Solution”

I have really no interest in owning a boat, but if I did, “Sail-ine Solution” would be its name. I thought of this a few years back, and didn’t think of it as anything too creative, until I realized what was actually out there. If I can help change the course of this existing mentality, out on the waters, then maybe I’ve made a small contribution.

Let us know what you think!