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A Minimalist Christmas

A year ago, we decided that presents were no longer going to be the primary focus of Christmas. We opted to only have an experience with each other: a trip, excursion near home, or a really great "date night" to take the place of buying stuff for each other, in hopes of pleasing the other.… Continue reading A Minimalist Christmas

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As we embark upon our second Thanksgiving in our tiny house in Beaufort, and our second Thanksgiving being able to celebrate gratitude without the craziness of running our business, we are grateful for the opportunity having been business owners, but we are very thankful to not be doing it anymore. Gratitude is definitely richer, now… Continue reading Gratitude

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Long Weekend- Sustainability Projects

Since minimizing, and going tiny, we have felt the need to be better about living a more sustainable lifestyle, reducing our carbon footprint, and using natural resources for our basic needs. There are many ways in which we can get better, and we have an ongoing list of projects to work on in that arena,… Continue reading Long Weekend- Sustainability Projects

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Conversations (Shannon’s take)

Conversations are something that are, unfortunately a rarity these days, and until recently, I hadn't made the time to have many. I always felt like I was living a busy life, too busy to have conversations with anyone. Things are changing. This New Year's Eve (and the previous day), we spent the day travelling to… Continue reading Conversations (Shannon’s take)

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Joy and Sadness of Christmas Day

This Christmas has been absolutely wonderful, and absolutely heart-wrenching. The holidays are often a time where, as no surprise, many have difficulty with depression and sadness in their lives. We had many mixed emotions as the arrival of Christmas came upon us this year. First, we have been ecstatic to not be working on the… Continue reading Joy and Sadness of Christmas Day