When Jimmy Buffett Songs Take On A New Meaning

When Jimmy Buffett Songs take on a new meaning

I (Shannon) have been a Jimmy Buffett fan since high school. I didn’t go full-fledged “Parrothead” until college. Once I went to my first Margaritaville (in Key West), I knew that the Parrothead lifestyle was for me. I spent the next few years listening to his music, going to his concerts, reading his books (there are a few by the way, you should definitely partake in these adventures), hitting up every Margaritaville that was in my traveling path, always with a sense of excitement, but then when they were all over, and I had to leave, I would be completely bummed that I couldn’t live my own Buffett-bliss life. Feeling deflated that I was not living that life, is an understatement.

During the days of running our business, I would connect Radio Margaritaville from my phone using Bluetooth, into my car and Buffett would be my theme song for my work day, every day. My travels were (and still are) consumed with all things Margaritaville. I used to sing along to songs about being on a boat, having boat drinks, or the treasures that lie in the belly of the ocean, again, wishing that I were there, feeling the feels that Jimmy sings about. The songs of Jimmy Buffett held my emotions of hope, wishful thinking, and dreams of what I knew my life was destined to be.

With fellow Parrotheads at a Buffett show in Raleigh, NC

Fast forward to current day—> Jimmy Buffett songs now are songs of celebration, songs of joy, and no sadness enters my mind when I sing along to them. They truly have taken on a new meaning for me. His voice instantly makes me feel relaxed and reminds me to be grateful that I now live by the sea. Each day, at  Five o’clock, I hear him singing “It’s Five o’clock Somewhere” and I feel pretty damn good about that. When I drive home from work and the salt air hasn’t left my skin, since work and home are both by the sea, I no longer feel melancholy nor nostalgic to be by the ocean, since again, I am already here.

One of many trips to Margaritaville Key West- the best of the Margaritavilles!

Life isn’t perfect, and the sea doesn’t make life stop having trials, but it sure comes pretty close to being the definition of peace. The sea truly has healing properties, and reminds us to take life slow and live on Island Time. Island Time does exist by the way, as cheesy as it sounds, things do slow down: your heart rate, your deadlines, and your need to control everything (if you’re like me).Β  Gerry and I have even joined the local “Parrothead Club” to truly immerse ourselves in this life.

With all of that said, I am not naive. I know that Jimmy Buffett doesn’t always sit under a palm tree, sipping margaritas all day, and sailing to watch the sunset every evening, but as long as his songs paint that picture in my mind, I will continue to sing along, knowing that the meaning behind his tunes are those of happiness, taking things in stride, and pure beach bliss.  I’ll just keep breathing in, breathing out, and moving on.

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