2019- A Time for Reset

We used to do spend the last few days of the year looking up all of the things that bring good luck for the next year, and implement them. There was that one year with the red underwear. Yep, google it. We’ve been pretty creative with our New Year’s resolutions, too, only to have most of them out of the picture by the end of January.

In 2019, we will continue living on “Island Time”

Probably the most prideful resolution that we have made and fulfilled, is the one we made at the end of 2012, going into 2013- we stopped eating animals. We cleaned out the freezer, and never looked back. We starting 2013 to never eat meat again. It is something that we do not miss, and thankfully, it is a resolution we actually made and kept, turning it into a lifestyle.

Going into 2018, we honestly just intended on keeping our minds at ease, living the “Island Time” lifestyle, and began living a healthier life, mentally and physically. I (Shannon) really needed the recover, to begin healing from the loss of our Pharrell. I had to begin a diet of making sure I got the correct macro nutrients in, taking supplements for my skin, hair, and nails, and getting back to a healthy base to begin a positive mental state. The grief I had been living with for about a year, was literally making my hair fall out and my nails were chipping away. I was falling apart. When I finally went to see a doctor, she told me that my body was shutting down. I was slowly dying from my grief. I had to do something. So, I did. 2018 was sort of like a long Sunday, where you just take it easy and rest. Somewhere towards the summer, we both began a healthier lifestyle, even forgoing animal by-products and began living intentionally. We started to play tennis, ride our bikes more, exercise, and enjoy life again.

His and hers, Commit30 Planners

So, what is the plan for 2019? Well, for the past few weeks, I have said it a few times, “2019 is my year, I can feel it!”. We have some goals, but have decided to take them into 30-day bites, in hopes of creating a healthy habit- well, 12 healthy habits. One of our favorite discoveries has been the Commit30 Planners. I read about this woman-owned business, an entrepreneur who created these planners to help people set goals, breaking them down into actions that take place daily, weekly, and monthly. It guides you to set your goals, and be interactive with writing, planning, and even includes some cute stickers to motivate! Who doesn’t love a unicorn that says “Never Give Up”?!

Ours came in the mail today, and we both started planning our January goals, getting excited about the change we will attempt to make. Both of us want to be more mindful, practice self-care, and smile through bullshit, rather than stress it. We have scheduled yoga sessions together, bike rides, tennis matches, and I have vowed for January (and hopefully the rest of 2019- but baby steps…) to not eat any refined sugar. Holy moley, that shit is in everything! Whole foods, and a more plant based diet for me! January will be a month of detoxing that poison from our systems.

2019 Mantra

We will use January to reset. We will reset our minds to focus on what is important, and what is not. We will enjoy life as it comes to us, with the practice of understanding that at the end of the day, our time on this marble in the middle of the universe is limited, and we intend on enjoying every single second. Happy New Year, friends!

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