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Who are The Arners Having These Adventures? 

Hi, we are Shannon and Gerry Arner, and our rescue, fur baby, Betty White. After owning our own business, working 24/7, we made a lifestyle change and decided to make the most out of life. We sold our house, downsized, and moved to the coast. Yep, just like that! If you make our way through our blog posts, you’ll read all about the journey.

We’re happy you found us!

Arner Adventures is a lifestyle blog where we publish content on living life to the fullest, rather than simply having life happen to you. We serve musings of our travel adventures, our wanderlust mentality, being child-free by choice, as well as our minimalist ideals on materially living small, so we may live and experience large. We also provide content on plant-based dining, mental wellness, mindfulness, and animal advocacy. Anything that we go through in life, good or bad, we call an Arner Adventure. 


Gerry was born in Easton, Pennsylvania, but grew up in Cary, North Carolina. He went to Cary High School, then UNC-Wilmington, and while working as a bartender at an Italian restaurant in Raleigh, met Shannon. Gerry is the mellow-yellow part of Arner Adventures. He sort of floats along, pretty much open to whatever comes his way. He is always open to taking hikes on a nature trail, hitting the streets of a bustling city, or picnicking in a park- as long as the end result is testing out the local craft beer.


Shannon was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, a rarity these days, since Raleigh is mostly made up of transplants. Shannon attended East Wake High School, UNC Wilmington, then transferred to Meredith College. Shannon is the planner, often the neurotic part of Arner Adventures, but is always open to something new! Being a Meredith Angel, tradition is held as a cherished value, however, taking the path less traveled and making new traditions ranks highest.

Shannon and Gerry met in 2002, had a few adventures, got married April 30, 2005 in the Meredith College Chapel, and decided life was going to be one BIG adventure!

We love to travel, and search for the next #arneradventure. Sometimes getting lost while trying to find a destination can turn into an adventure of its own. As mentioned above, crazy situations in life are adventures, as well as the not so happy moments- also adventures. The best adventures- those in which are unplanned. We are people who actually get excited about getting lost, or going off the normal path. We look at each other and yell, “hey! This is an ARNER ADVENTURE!!!”

Betty White

Last but not least, and our ride or die girl, is Betty White. She is our pibble-love, our rock, our travel buddy, and love muffin. Betty White is a beach pup, loves biting ocean waves, likes people better than other pups, and would do anything for a car ride to her own next adventure. Betty has been through a lot on her own from being found as an emaciated, abused little girl, to being rescued and adopted into our home where she wants for nothing. She is resilient and demonstrates that to us each day as we are reminded at just how strong we are as a family. She has been a support for us through some tough times- she is truly a living example of the hashtag: #whorescuedwho

Together, we are The Arners, creating Arner Adventures!

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Arner Adventures