A Simple and Stress-free Christmas

If you’re a regular here at Arner Adventures, you may remember last year’s post, “Minimalist Christmas”. We talked about our plans for making Christmas gifts that were consumables, and not simply buying gifts that the recipient may or may not use, hence, adding to their clutter.

Well, here we are again! Tis’ the Season! Some things have changed since last holiday season, however, or minimal Christmas plan is in full effect!

Our simple little Christmas tree

Decor: vintage, ceramic colored bulbs out front, a small tree, flocked, and lit with mini lights sitting in a wooden crate, looking adorb! Inspiration by Dreamy White Lifestyle. Decor, finito! (as my mother gasps.)

We plan to bake consumables again this year, placing them in a recyclable gift box, and spending a couple of days visiting all of our fam. Last year’s baked goodies were such a big hit, we simply cannot think of a better gift. Other than that, we took some time off from work and are going to chill, literally, and figuratively.

While our minimalist values are still there, we find ourselves indulging in Lifetime (sorry Hallmark, when you’re anti-LGBT, you lose our support) Christmas movies (at no cost, message me and I’ll share the deets, totally legal btw), watching our Christmas cactus bloom, and sipping hot chocolate. You can enjoy lots about the Christmas season without buying a ton of stuff. There is something about the holiday season that makes us feel like we have to go along with the other shoppers in the madness of purchasing. I even found myself partaking in some online cart filling, only to realize the next day that I was happy to have waited to see if I felt the urge to follow through with the purchase. No way. Success! Even with the vendors sending me those emails, “looks like you forgot something in your cart”, I still walked away. Sometimes, it’s the shopping to fill the cart, then take a breather, to realize those aren’t needs. The purchases aren’t going to make Christmas better. To bring in the cheesy Hallmark jargon here, “that’s not what Christmas is about”.

Chai latte is like Christmas in a cup

So, as the Christmas season sneaks upon us again this year, take time to have your Chai latte in your fave coffee shop (I have!), and stroll through town looking at the Christmas lights and goodies in the windows of the shops, and any other holiday season adventure or experience, but remember, a simple and stress free Christmas is in your hands. You can create it for yourself. Curate your own kind of holiday season. You’ll be glad you did!