Top Ten Best Craft Cocktail Spots in Key West

best craft cocktails Key West

If you are visiting Key West, you are probably no stranger to a cocktail. The Duval Crawl is something that everyone knows about in Key West, and if you haven’t, well, you should definitely do it once, here is a link to book it, but if you are looking for a beverage experience that you will actually remember, and one that your taste buds will thank you for, we have the list for you! We are sharing the top ten best places for you to enjoy craft cocktails in Key West!

1. Bagatelle

Nestled in the center of the hustle and bustle of Duval, you would almost think that Bagatelle is out of place. It is a restaurant set in an 1884 house, including a wraparound porch and balconies, that has the most relaxed ambiance for dining. You will want to make reservations for dinner, request an upstairs balcony table, and then order your cocktail. We recommend the Strawberry Mint Blast. It’s a refreshing cocktail made with Cruzan strawberry rum, fresh strawberries, mint, agave nectar, and lime. The food is absolutely amazing, too. You’ll want to come for the craft cocktails, stay for the food because you cannot get it better than this in Key West!

Bagatelle has the most amazing ambiance where you can watch Duval below and enjoy amazing cocktails, like this one: Strawberry Mint Blast.

2. Sarabeth’s

If you visited Key West and didn’t have a mimosa at Sarabeth’s, did you even visit Key West? Ok, so you get our point here. Sarabeth’s is THE place to have brunch, and of course, you have to order one of their many mimosa flavors such as the watermelon mimosa, coconut, peach, mango, and of course the traditional, but here is the kicker- they are all sugar-rimmed with all types of themed colors! You’d think that doesn’t make a big difference, but it does! Have you had a margarita with sugar on the rim? It makes a difference right? They have those, too, by the way! Just do yourself a favor and be at Sarabeth’s when they open for the day, ask to sit in Brad’s section, and order their mimosa of the day. You’ll thank us! We just could not leave Sarabeth’s off of the list of the best craft cocktails in Key West!

3. Better Than Sex

This is one of our favorite places in Key West. We make it a habit of always having their craft cocktails and dessert at Better Than Sex on our trips to the Conch Republic. It’s sort of a speakeasy, a few streets off of Duval, away from the loud noise. When you enter, it is very dark, quiet, and very romantic. That is the point, right? Not the place to take your family. Their desserts are ahhh-mazing, but so are their drinks.

When ordering a drink with a rim job, we dare you to keep a straight face. All of their drinks and desserts align with sexual innuendos of course. Our faves are the Sex Appeal– sparkling Moscato from Italy in a white chocolate rimmed wine glass dressed with red sugar and the Choco-Port. This beer is the Taylor Fladgate Fine Tawny Port in a semi-sweet chocolate rimmed glass. Try any of their signature cocktails and you won’t be disappointed, and be sure to end the night with a Licker Shot or the Love Potion 69.

best craft cocktails Key West
Cocktails with a rim job at Better Than Sex is the way to go!

4. La Te Da

La Te Da is one of our favorite spots. We encourage you to visit the Terrace bar so that you can also people-watch while you enjoy your cocktail. The bartenders are always super friendly and knowledgeable about craft cocktails and Key West, but we encourage you to try their Strawberry and Lemon Basil Mimosa. We also love the La Te Da Bellini which is made with Averna Limoncello. This is also a boutique hotel. If you are interested in booking a beautiful stay at the La Te Da, visit this link. You can also visit in the evening for a Cabaret show and enjoy their Mango Colada. You really cannot go wrong at the La Te Da! 

5. General Horseplay

Ask anyone who is a local to Key West where you can find the best craft cocktails and they will more than likely lead you to General Horseplay. It is their thing! They have a wide variety of them on their menu, and their bartenders win awards for their skill.

We aren’t going to hold back here and just go ahead and tell you that you need to go and order the Guns and Roses. Sometimes it is on the menu, and sometimes it’s not. It is meant to be for two people and they will ask you to pay upfront or hold a credit card deposit. It’s $35/drink and is Absolut ELYX Vodka, Lillet Rosé, Lemon, Coconut Oolong Tea, Orange Blossom, Rosé Bubbles, and Peach Incense. If that isn’t your thing, then ask the bartender for the cocktail of the day. If you’re lucky it will be the Oh F@*k! That’s Delicious! Yep, that is what it’s called. Don’t skip out on this place while in Key West if you are a craft cocktail lover. It is a must!

best craft cocktails Key West
The cocktail possibilities are limitless in Key West. For brunch at Sarabeth’s, you can go with coffee, a dolled-up coffee with Bailey’s, or with one of their famous mimosas.

6. The Roost

The Roost prides itself on being unique, differing from the traditional Key West/Duval craft cocktail bar. Sticking with the poultry theme, their bartenders are called, cocktologists. Fun, right? Happy hour is noon-6 pm. Yep, you read that correctly. While we would love to steer you away from a margarita since that seems too traditional, The Roost’s Maria-Rita is fantastic and not like any margarita that you have ever had. It’s made with milagro reposado, habanero and hibiscus syrup, and fresh lemon and lime. Blowin’ Smoke Up Your Glass is another winner and worth your time. Made with Papa’s Pilar 24YR Dark Rum, pineapple, fresh lime, housemade smoked basil syrup, and tiki bitters, you will wonder how in the world those cocktologists came up with this drink! These cocktologists are master craft cocktologists!

7. Burgundy Bar-The Saint Hotel

With a place called The Saint, you have to have a theme to match. The ambiance in Burgundy Bar is very sexy and devilish. You will think you have walked onto the set of “Eyes Wide Shut”, but fear not. You are very safe. This bar is very chic. With happy hour being from 4:17-7:14 (see what they did there with the seven deadly sins) you can partake in several delicious cocktails from their sinful menu. You may feel gluttonous after drinking Gluttony but we think you should do it anyway. It is made with vodka, Chambord liqueur, Godiva white, Dorida Double Chocolate, and Bluegrass Sundown Bourbon Whiskey. If you’ve had too much to drink and would rather book a stay here, and you are fortunate enough for the hotel to have a vacancy, here is a link to do so. 

8. Chart Room Bar-Pier House Resort

If you are looking for a real hidden gem in Key West, you have found it. This is the unofficial spot for locals, and local celebrities (oops, I guess we spoiled it). It’s not fancy, but it is very cool. Mel Fisher, the American treasure hunter, charted his search for the Atocha at the old spool table in the center of the bar where you can sit and have a drink. Bonus- free popcorn and hotdogs. The bartenders know the history of the chart room, and the island, and can make you any cocktail you want! If this place is cool enough for Truman Capote, Bob Marley, and Jimmy Buffett, then what is stopping you from going to it? If you are interested in staying at the Pier House, here is a link for that. 

best craft cocktails Key West
The La Te Da has a plethora of options but we like keeping it local. Ger went with the Key West Pale Ale. Shannon went with the Strawberry and Lemon Basil Mimosa.

9. Berlin’s

Blink and you’ll miss this spot. Berlin’s is a speakeasy cocktail bar located behind A&B Lobster House, you will feel like you have stepped back in time, perhaps into a jazz club in the 40s., if Key West had jazz clubs then. It’s a great spot for sipping Pilar’s Rum, but we recommend you have The Felton– a craft cocktail with Pilar Dark Rum, Velvet Falernum, and lime. If you are looking for one of the best Key West cocktail experiences, Berlin’s is your place!

10. 22 & Co.

Here us out. Yes, this may look like a bar that your 14-year-old niece would love,(we do not encourage you to bring her here) but this place IS FUN AND makes the yummiest craft cocktails you have ever tasted! The White Girl Wasted-a champagne spritz is on the lighter side despite its name but The Pink Pussycat?! Oh, em, gee!!! Made with Absolut vanilla, strawberry purée, ice cream, and whipped cream, you are going to send a handwritten thank you note to us after you have this cocktail. We promise! This place is a must-visit while you are in Key West, not just for the best craft cocktails, but for the experience!

best craft cocktails Key West
The Pink Pussycat at 22 & Co. Need we say more?

If these options, or being a little more cultural has your mouth watering, then you may want to try out the Key West: Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour which will open you up to many more culinary delights while you are in the Conch Republic. 

Check out our blog post on the Top 10 Best Things To Do in Key West for other recommendations while you are visiting.

Whether you are in Key West for a day or a week, we highly recommend you venture off of the beaten path of Duval and take in the hidden gems that Key West has to offer, whether that be craft cocktails, or local eateries, or the old town architecture. You can experience so much history and richness of Key West when you are open to doing so. We hope this guide helps you along your journey!

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