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Upcycling- Denim Jeans = Clothespin Bag

If I could somehow, bring forth the words in this blog post, to show the pride I have for myself right now, I would... but I cannot. It's just not possible. I have always wanted to be crafty. I used to scrapbook every single moment of our lives until the minimalist bug hit me and… Continue reading Upcycling- Denim Jeans = Clothespin Bag

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Striving For Zero Waste

A few years ago, we ran across the story of Bea Johnson, through her blog, Zero Waste Home. At that time, we were living in a home that was too large for us, spending money on things that we didn't need, and living a wasteful life, though we felt that since we had a rain… Continue reading Striving For Zero Waste

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Long Weekend- Sustainability Projects

Since minimizing, and going tiny, we have felt the need to be better about living a more sustainable lifestyle, reducing our carbon footprint, and using natural resources for our basic needs. There are many ways in which we can get better, and we have an ongoing list of projects to work on in that arena,… Continue reading Long Weekend- Sustainability Projects

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My Ride or Die, Nooch (Nutritional Yeast)

I often find myself singing at night, when I am preparing Betty White's dinner. I make up little names for her, and shout them to a melody, "Betty White-stone Creamery, your dinner is ready for you, your Majesty, I hope you don't mind the regular cuisine that I- have- pre-paaaaarrrred!" She stares at me with… Continue reading My Ride or Die, Nooch (Nutritional Yeast)

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Embracing a New Norm- Living Free

A year ago, Gerry and I would have been envious when others would say, "Happy Friday!" or use #tgif since our weekends running our business were consumed with managing staff, customers, hectic weekend hours, and wishing we were able to get away for a couple of days, like everyone else. Our norm for living was… Continue reading Embracing a New Norm- Living Free

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Bodhisattva (Will You Take Me By The Hand)

The last few years have seen major shifts in our lifestyle and ways of thinking. From minimalism, tiny house living, mindfulness activities, and meatless eating, it appears transformation is in the air... and we're all the better for it. This momentum has carried over into my perception of religion/spirituality and the roles they play in… Continue reading Bodhisattva (Will You Take Me By The Hand)

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Eating Plants- For Animals, the Earth, and Our Health

It has now been 5 years since Gerry and I stopped eating meat. I know that because 5 years ago, I sat in the hospital room, while my grandmother was dying of cancer, and I remember her vividly tell me, when I asked her what she would change, or what she would do differently should… Continue reading Eating Plants- For Animals, the Earth, and Our Health

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Minimalist Vacation Packing 

Since we started living a more minimalist lifestyle, packing for a trip has been a much easier task. We are preparing to leave for a 7 day vacation and so packing for multiple climates presents a whole set of challenges, but we plan to not let the transition from North Carolina snow, to Caribbean tropical… Continue reading Minimalist Vacation Packing 

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Cleaning Our Tiny Abode 

Yesterday, being another snow day, (Thanks Bomb Cyclone, whomever you are) I decided to use the extra time to do some "winter cleaning" using the same "spring cleaning" structure that most are accustomed to.  It was the regular cleaning, but with all of the extras: baseboards, windowsills, walls, ceiling corners, etc. It reminded me of… Continue reading Cleaning Our Tiny Abode 

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Conversations (Shannon’s take)

Conversations are something that are, unfortunately a rarity these days, and until recently, I hadn't made the time to have many. I always felt like I was living a busy life, too busy to have conversations with anyone. Things are changing. This New Year's Eve (and the previous day), we spent the day travelling to… Continue reading Conversations (Shannon’s take)