Club Quarters Hotel: World Trade Center- New York City

Club Quarters World Trade Center

My home away from home, while in New York City is the Club Quarters Hotel- World Trade Center. I (Shannon) have stayed at this location multiple times as a business traveler, as well as a leisure traveler. Club Quarters is never a disappointment.

I recently visited Club Quarters Hotel while on a post-covid visit to the city. I was so excited to see, not only the city again, but the hotel. The best feeling was walking through those doors, feeling that warm welcome the hotel staff offers upon arrival. 

That New York City Magic

If you visit New York City often, or if you have ever visited for that matter, you know that “feeling” that the city gives you. There is a magic that the big apple possesses! There is something about riding in a taxi, crossing the 59th street bridge into Manhattan! My heart always skips a beat seeing the buildings getting larger and larger, and all of a sudden, you realize that yes, here you are. You are in this magical place where anything can happen. 

It is indeed magical, but it can also be a bit intimidating. Whether you are visiting for fun, or for work, you want a hub, or a sanctuary where you can feel safe, and taken care of, but also where you can enjoy the scenery and have all that you need within walking distance, we have the solution for you. That solution, my friends, is Club Quarters Hotel. 

The first time I stayed at Club Quarters Hotel- World Trade Center was for a work trip, a conference, but I wanted to stay in lower Manhattan, where I could visit the World Trade Center Museum, as well as get to Soho fairly easily. Club Quarters had great prices, and I thought, well, let’s give it a shot and see what happens. I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful the accommodations were, not to mention that I was getting a great deal for my company. I had access to everything! The location cannot be beat. From that point forward, anytime I visited New York City, no matter what or where I was visiting, I stayed at Club Quarters- World Trade Center

Club Quarters World Trade Center
This back drop doesn’t even look real, but it is. It’s the night skyline from the 20th floor. Amazing!

The Service at Club Quarters Hotel- World Trade Center

I cannot say enough about the service at Club Quarters Hotel. I have had just about every travel issue you can imagine: arrivals in the middle of the night, plane delays, cancellations, bumps in plane reservations, you name it. The staff have always been super understanding and accommodating. Now, with that being said, they still run a business, so note that they have policies. 

Every time I have stayed at Club Quarters, I have become friendly with the staff, and by the time I leave, I am on a first name basis with them. That goes both ways. That type of engagement makes me feel as though I am being looked after in a way. I know that the staff wants my stay to be a great one. When I call down to the front desk, they acknowledge me by name and help me. When I enter and exit the building, they ask me about my plans, and help me with any questions I have. 

It should also be added that due to the location of the hotel, it is a very secure area, but the hotel itself also has secure entry. The elevator cannot be accessed without a hotel key. You cannot access any floor, except yours, or the shared areas, of course. I have never felt afraid, nor insecure, even when traveling alone, at Club Quarters Hotel. Even when I have arrived at the late evening hours, alone, I feel completely safe. 

The Guest Rooms at Club Quarters Hotel- World Trade Center

Due to the amount of times I have been to this hotel, I have probably experienced each type of room. They have rooms to accommodate the solo traveler with just the basics. There is also a room for the solo traveler with a yoga mat, exercise essentials, as well as rooms with two twins for two working travelers, who just need a place to sleep, and are on the go. Club Quarters also offers a step-up with suites with a space with a kitchenette with a microwave and refrigerator for those who want a bit more time in their room. The best, of course, is the room with the view overlooking the WTC footprints. That night view- you just cannot beat. It is truly breathtaking. 

No matter what your needs, taste, or preference, they have a pricepoint for you. If you need something, the staff will surely accomodate you. Each room has a modern, clean-aesthetic with charging ports.

Club Quarters World Trade Center
The workspace has everything the working traveler needs.

The Workspace at Club Quarters Hotel- World Trade Center

Since this hotel is in the center of the financial district, you can imagine how many work travelers come through. The workspace most definitely is upfit to cater to this population. There is a wonderful conference room space, should you need to have small meeting. They also have a collaborating sitting area, where you and your team members can sit and chat, as well as work stations where you can bring your laptop, tablet, or computer. The hotel provides a wireless printer. Club Quarters offers a yummy coffee and espresso station, sure to fit any of your java needs. Of course, there is also free-wifi throughout the hotel. I have often worked on the rooftop, and have never had any issues with the wifi. 

Speaking of the terrace, there is a shared space on the 20th floor, a rooftop terrace, that is offered to all guests. In addition, on the main floor, there is a Club living room, with comfy seating, large screen TV, and side tables. It is a great way to get out of your room if you spend time working there, or if you travel with co-workers and want to have a larger area to sit and mingle a bit. 

Club Quarters World Trade Center
The shared space is modern and cozy.

View of the World

View of the World restaurant was the beautiful rooftop restaurant and bar located on the 20th floor of Club Quarters Hotel.  Yes, you read it correctly, was. At the time of this blog, the restaurant was closed. I was told by staff that they did not know if it would ever be opening again. This is a shame because the restaurant not only offered superb dining and wine options with one of the best views in lower Manhattan, but it was an excellent way to end your evening and simply take an elevator back to your room to wind down your evening. It closed pre-covid. The Club Quarters staff have accommodated guests though. They are allowing guests to either take food and beverages up to the space to enjoy, or have options delivered. 

During our stay, post-pandemic, we often enjoyed our morning coffee in the space, evening prosecco and ice cream (thanks Insomnia Cookies). We once had dinner delivered and ate it on the terrace. You simply cannot beat the views from this area. Whether it is open or not, do yourself a favor, and take advantage of this. 

Club Quarters World Trade Center

Need To Know

There are a few things that we feel are important for you to know before you go, so that you are able to have the best experience at Club Quarters Hotel- World Trade Center: 

  • If you are planning on visiting more than once, be sure to join their rewards program. It will save you on rebookings. 
  • The hotel is dog-friendly, so if you are bringing your furry best friend, bonus! How great is that!?
  • The hotel has free water bottle service- downer is that they have plastic bottles. As we always recommend, bring a stainless steel, eco-friendly travel water bottle to refill to help reduce your carbon footprint. Be sure to always fill your bottle before leaving the hotel each day! 
  • One side of the hotel overlooks the WTC footprints, so if you are super nice, and ask nicely, you may be able to score a room overlooking them. 😉
  • There is a fitness center on site. It is small, has basic offerings: exercise bike, treadmill, hand weights. I have never used it because frankly, I get more steps in while in NYC than I do anywhere in the world, so… there you go! 
  • You are walking distance to Eataly. If you take nothing else from this blog, other than staying at Club Quarters, take this… Go to Eataly. Period. 
  • One of my most memorable moments at Club Quarters was on a cold January night. I grabbed take-out from Eataly, including a bottle of wine. I came back to the hotel and sat on the sofa in my room, facing the juliette balcony, overlooking the city. I turned off all the lights in my room, ate my italian dinner, drank my wine, and quietly took in the view. It is by far, one of my most fond moments in New York City. You should make your own memory while in the city. Club Quarters is a great resource to make that happen!

Our Takeaway

With about a ba-jillion offerings of hotels in New York City, with high price points, you definitely have your fair share of choices. If you want a professional, clean, modern aesthetic, with a great price point, then Club Quarters Hotel- World Trade Center is your go-to! We hope you get the chance to visit. Be sure to let us know what you think. If you run into Spencer or Dawn, make sure you tell them we said, hello! 

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