Conversation (Gerry’s Take)

coffee dogConversations- short and sweet. The hallmark of all ways we relate to one another. Speaking of Hallmark, Shannon and I had a free-trial of SlingTv over the holidays. We had plenty of conversations about the Hallmark channel. Isn’t the dialogue in these movies, just rich?

Conversations- Back and forth. In grocery stores, malls, or out on the street. We tell stories and create visions. We get new ideas. These are more than words and verbalization. We talk with our hands through gestures. We talk with our eyes by the way they light up. Sometimes they are uncomfortable, and sometimes fun. Laughter and smiles are the best thing that come from them. From the weather to the big game, and all things in between. Best done face to face, because a lot is lost through phone or text conversation.

It’s always fun to talk over food and drink. Coffee in the morning, or beer and wine at night over dinner. Sometimes therapeutic, problems get resolved. Insights created and trust established. It’s helpful when all senses are engaged, rather than just the audio part of conversing. It’s fun to watch people talk and see them smile and laugh. It does the heart good…and it’s free. Having a conversation is a great gift for someone, or yourself. A $4 Mocha or Craft Beer may help to stimulate the process. πŸ˜‰

Talking with pets and kids is fun, too. It will always generate a laugh or a good feeling, and probably make your day.

For 2018, we’d like to create time and space to talk one-on-one, in person, more so than on social media or texting. We have had so little of this in 2017. I encourage you to make time to go to a coffee shop with a friend. Start short and sweet- talking about the weather, the big game, and see where it goes from there. I guarantee it will spin-off into more in-depth conversation.

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