Covid is the New Honey Badger

Ah, Covid-19. Still a topic of our blogs, it seems we cannot get away from it. Literally. You know the honey badger, and how it doesn’t give a shit? Covid is the new honey badger!  Covid doesn’t care that we have celebrations going on during this time. If you don’t know about the honey badger, click the link above. You’ll get the analogy after taking a looksie!

Since Covid started showing its ugly face, we have had several celebratory occasions come up. You think Covid cares? It doesn’t give a shit. Again, like that damn honey badger! So, how do we celebrate during Covid?

15 years, decorated with sundried tomatoes

First up, was our wedding anniversary. 15 years to be exact. We have a big trip coming up at Christmas, where we will celebrate in Paris, that is, if that damn Covid goes away and doesn’t stop it from happening. We still wanted to commemorate the occasion, so rather than the normal quarantine routine of working from home, going for our afternoon walk, coming back to have wine and/or beer in the sunshine, we added a little more wine, and Ger grilled pizzas using Naan. His way of fancying it up? He took the sundried tomatoes and made a 15 out of them. Yep, Covid be damned!

Next up, Gerry’s birthday. It’s today, actually. Since we downsized a couple of years ago and are living our best minimalist life, we no longer have cake pans. Why keep cake pans if I am only baking cakes a couple of times/year? Since we cannot go out to dinner, and will have dinner at home, I wanted to make it special, so I pulled out my square pan, baked several layers of cake, iced that baby up, and voila! Gerry has a square cake and couldn’t be happier about it! Take that, Covid!

Celebrating Quarantine-style

Mother’s Day is this coming weekend. We hope that you moms out there (dog moms included) don’t let Covid ruin it for you. Find ways to get creative during Covid and let us know what ways you decide to celebrate at home, while keeping others, and yourself, safe.

Covid doesn’t have to ruin everything. Sure, like the honey badger, it takes what it wants, and doesn’t give a shit, but at the end of the day, we aren’t going to let that damn Covid ruin our celebrations!

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