Wellness Wednesday: How Danodan Hempworks Benefits Our Daily Life

Danodan Benefits Wellness

We know we are probably not the first to introduce CBD or CBD oil to your sphere. If you are anything like us, it seems like every time you turn around, you are seeing a neon sign for “CBD SOLD HERE” at your local grocery store, in a window as you are driving by, or it flashing across your screen in an online ad. It wasn’t until this past year, when my (Shannon) sister told me about the benefits that she was having from a brand she was using, that I started to actually pay attention. Spoiler alert, that brand is Danodan, and we’re going to tell you how it benefits our daily life.

Introduction to Danodan

Fortunately, and I only learned how fortunate recently, the brand I was introduced to, on my first CBD experience, was Danodan. I’ll tell you more about that being fortunate in just a few moments. I was having a chat with my sister about some overall wellness goals, and how Gerry and I were on our journey of working towards better sleep, working on our mindfulness, just an overall whole health approach towards a better well-being. As we began talking, she started discussing the benefits she had been experiencing with Danodan Hemp Flower Infusion– a daily supplement of CBD that she used in her smoothie in the morning. She said that it gave her relief from headaches she was having, feeling less stress, and better mental clarity through the day. She also felt that it supported her immune system, which was a great feeling with the year we were having. She had even convinced my brother-in-law to get on board to implement Danodan as a part of his wellness routine in the morning, so I felt like it was a great time to give it a try. 

Danodan Benefits Wellness
Mixing Danodan with coffee is easy peasey!

We Got On Board with Danodan

Being someone who tries things in baby steps, I decided to go with the same Danodan product, but in tincture form, so instead of using it every day, I actually used it on an “as needed” basis. Who are we kidding though? If you know me, you know that I run high on anxiety, so it’s not like I am not going to be looking for a dose of calm here and there. When there were times I felt that exercise and meditation needed another boost of something to also help relieve the tension, I used the Danodan dropper, to administer a dose, dropping it under my tongue. It was easy, and I felt that it truly helped me, literally, chill out a bit. I also experience stress headaches, and Danodan helps relieve those for me as well. Pretty soon, Gerry tried it to help his sleep-wake cycles and felt that it helped with those, too.  

Over the past year, we have been Danodan customers, and have felt great about having Danodan Hemp Works as a lifestyle partner. We have found that Danodan is now a part of our daily wellness routine, and you would never not find it in our cabinet. We’ve found other helpful benefits to our wellness such as products from their Functional Line: the Energy support comes in handy when I need a bit of healthy energy to push me through the day, and Gerry loves having Sleep support for when he needs restorative sleep. We just started Betty White on the CBD for Pets and are super excited to see the benefits she experiences. We will be sure to share those with you. We’ve even found some great recipes shared from Danodan for dog treats that we will share with you, so stay tuned!

Danodan Benefits Wellness
Danodan Energy is a great support for an extra push through the work day.

We’ve been happy with the results, enjoying the holistic approach, and have even enjoyed telling other people about our experience. It was only when we started getting emails from other companies that we realized how fortunate we were, which is where we wanted to make sure we shared the other part of this story.

All CBD Products Are Not the Same

As you all know, we are authentic with our experiences with you, and any partnership, or brand that we ever share with you, is genuine. If we do not believe in it, or wouldn’t use it ourselves, we surely are not going to share it with you, or partner with anyone. We have to sleep at night, and we sure wouldn’t be able to do that without being our true selves. This leads us to the CBD product conversation and how we realized how fortunate we were to be using Danodan. 

We have been approached by several CBD companies about promoting their product(s) and have even received samples to try. Once we did the research on the products we realized that there are some scary things out there. Without getting too deep into it, because we aren’t here to promote fear, here are some things you should check when you are looking for a good quality CBD product for the benefit of your health or wellness:

Danodan Benefits Wellness
Having the Danodan water-soluble CBD shots are perfect for travel or to stash in our bag for when we are on-the-go.
  • Look at the ingredients. We noticed some of the products that claimed to be CBD oil, or even hemp based, didn’t list either in their ingredients or their packaging. Danodan actually doesn’t use an oil at all, rather, they are vegetable glycerine based, so their product easily stirs into any beverage, unlike oils. They also list the exact amount of hemp cannabinoids that are in each serving, and all of the ingredients in the product. 
  • Speaking of the packaging, read the label and know what is in the product. If you don’t know what it is, ask, or do your research. We found chemicals that were not natural in some that were sent to us, and we wouldn’t have known without reading the fine print and just doing a bit of our own research. 
  • We always support buying local, but especially for CBD. Hemp is a plant and grown in the soil. You will want that grown in the US; steer clear of international. Do your research on the company’s growing practice. If they can’t tell you about their growing practice, run. 
  • Check for lab results and/or clinical data. Does the company/brand have the data to back-up their product? They should have this information handy on their website. 
  • What certifications does the product have? Danodan products are certified USDA Organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Many companies use extraction methods and/or ingredients that cannot be considered/certified organic. Be sure to check into this when you are doing your research. 

We really had no idea that we just happened to stumble upon what we now know is the best CBD brand there is, truly. Danodan truly is more than just cbd. They are a minimally-processed and whole plant product, rich in hundreds of compounds that work together to produce beneficial effects, and we can attest to many of those benefits. We thank my sister for that. Our combined research found that we really dodged a few bullets when it came to the CBD world, and we are so thankful that Danodan is a part of our daily life and wellness journey. 

Danodan Benefits Wellness
Betty White loves the taste of Danodan Hemp Flower Infusion for Pets added to her food.

There are so many fun ways that we now implement Danodan into our life, and will share those with you as we move forward, now that we have introduced Danodan to you, so be sure to stay tuned here on the blog for fun recipes, as well as over on the socials.

The best news? We saved the awesome news for last. Danodan has been so kind to allow us to share a discount with you all. If you use the code: ADVENTURE you will receive 20% off of your purchase. So, be sure to head over to Danodan to check out all of the ways that their products can benefit your daily life, and let us know what you think! 

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