Episode #15: Our Experience on Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady

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Travel is back everyone, you heard us, TRAVEL IS BACK! We are elated because traveling is where we get rejuvenated! We had the pleasure of experiencing the much anticipated Virgin Voyages cruise experience aboard, Scarlet Lady. Our excursion was the “Dominican Daze” voyage, to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic and North Bimini Island, to the Beach Club at Bimini. We recorded this episode on our last evening aboard the cruise ship, and wanted to talk about our experience, and answer listeners’ questions. We will follow-up with a thorough blog post in greater detail but we thought this podcast would be fun, and a way to answer immediate listener questions.

In this episode we chat about:

  • How Virgin Voyages handles pre-boarding and embarkation.
  • Covid-safety on board and at ports.
  • Rockstar status and Richard’s Rooftop- happy hour fun!
  • Sit down because you won’t believe it but Virgin Voyages doesn’t have buffets, nor kids. Seriously. We discuss this in depth with enormous appreciation.
  • The culinary game on the Scarlet Lady is next level!
  • The technology throughout the ship, the rock ‘n roll-esque band, the app, and in the cabin.
  • The ahhh-mazing red hammock on the balcony, because it deserves to be discussed.
  • Meeting and chatting with the staff on board.
  • Scarlet Lady ship aesthetic and the instagrammable moments on board.
  • Virgin Voyages is a well-balanced cruise line for all adult age demographics- well-versed!

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Episode resources:

  • You can find information about Virgin Voyages here. We encourage you to check with the latest procedures for boarding as they may have changed since this podcast recording.
  • We will be posting an in-depth blog post here on our experience.
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  • You can always find us on our blog or Instagram and videos from our trip can be found on YouTube. Please let us know your thoughts on this episode, or others. Your feedback means the world to us, so please send us a message and tell us what you think.
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