Episode #22: A Spark in Our Lives: Master Energy Healer and Human Design Coach: Christie Inge

Human Design Coach Christie Inge

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Today’s episode is a “Spark in our lives” guest episode where we interview someone who is a spark in our lives. I (Shannon) have a bit of history with our guest, Christie Inge. We went to high school together and kept in touch from a distance over the years here and there.  I have taken a course of hers in the past; she has wonderful energy and I just cannot wait to share her wonderful insight and energy with you through this episode.

Let us tell you about Christie Inge:

Christie is a Master Energy Healer and Human Design Coach. In Human Design terms, she is a 5/2 splenic projector born in the Left Angle Cross of the Clarion 2. She makes Human Design simple, practical, and magickal and will show you how to live to the highest potential of your chart by teaching you the “inner work” skills necessary to make outer change inevitable.

In this episode we chat about:

  • How Christie was led into Human Design
  • Christie explains human design in an easy-to-understand way
  • Why do we need to know our human design?
  • The human design types
  • Digging more into Shannon and Gerry’s human design charts
  • What does the process look like when purchasing their Human design map from Christie?
  • What if someone doesn’t know their birth time?
  • How has human design helped Christie’s “inner work” and the journey that she is on?
  • Christie answers our 10 rapid-fire questions, and the most important question, “What does a life well lived mean to you?”

Listen Here:

Episode resources:

  • To get some background prior to listening, you can get your free human design chart here.
  • To learn more about Christie Inge, visit her website or on Instagram.
  • Purchase Christie’s Human Design Map + Online Deconditioning Portal here.
  • Christie’s blog where you will find a plethora of useful information and wonderful reading.
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