Episode #9: A Spark in Our Lives: Entreprenuer-Island Produce Owner-Jen Lee

Jen Lee Island Produce

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This episode is the fourth in our series, “A Spark in Our Lives,” of The Arner Adventures Podcast, where we invite people who have lit a spark in us, on one way or another, who have inspired us, who have cultivated the life that they desire, whether that be due to overcoming certain circumstances, or are just going for their dreams. Jen Lee most definitely does that.

Let us tell you about Jen Lee:

Jen Lee is the owner of Island Produce here on the NC Coast, where we live. We met Jen when we first moved here, and we found her place to be really cool! Jen sources produce and other items from NC farmers and brings them to her locale in Atlantic Beach, for residents on the coast to access. This allows the farmers to continue to do what they do best, farm.  Jen is originally from the East Coast of Florida, is a former teacher, a serial entrepreneur, hustler, goal-getter, and spreader of positive vibes. We think that Jen is not only just one of the coolest people we know, but she has a really cool story about following her dream which is why we invited her to the podcast this week.

In this episode we chat about:

  • How we met Jen, and why we immediately found synergy with her.
  • Her background, drive, and entrepreneurial spirit!
  • The struggles of being a single mother, working multiple jobs, the midnight oil hustle!
  • What led her to shift her mindset away from teaching to opening a produce stand.
  • The opening of Island Produce.
  • What keeps her sane, and self-care practices, while working 7-days/week 9-months/year.
  • Her travels to source produce and specialty foods across North Carolina.
  • Jen gives back to her staff and the Earth.
  • Jen answers our 10 rapid fire questions, and the most important question, “What does a life well lived mean to you?” Get your tissues, because this one is emotional.

Listen Here:

Episode resources:

Jen Lee Island Produce
Jen Lee Island Produce
Jen Lee Island Produce

At Island Produce, you “Come for the fresh produce, stay for the positive vibes.” If you find yourself on the coast of North Carolina, more specifically, Atlantic Beach, drop by and say hello to Jen. Be sure to pick up some fresh produce and some snacks on the way to dip your toes in the ocean.

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