Summer Grilling – George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill

Grilled Garden Eggplant

We’re breaking in our fourth George Foreman grill and possibly my (Gerry) favorite of them all. The new George Foreman grill is an indoor/outdoor type, like my last, that has a stand that makes it perfect for grilling on the back deck. 

George Foreman Outdoor Grill

Our History With George Foreman

My history with Foreman grills started back in the 1990s with the small countertop version known as “The Champ”. I got a second one as a wedding gift, bringing our wedding day excitement up just a notch or two. My current Foreman Grill is our second of the larger, stand up variety and is every bit “The Fighter” as the man himself. It is the George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Plus Electric Grill.

The first large Foreman Stand Up Grill was just gaining popularity a few years ago. It has since undergone several modifications that enhance its original design. The grill is very lightweight, making it easy to move from indoors to outdoors. It has a solid grill top so nothing can fall through. You can cook just about anything on it. It has a slide-out tray table, which my previous version did not have. This upgrade also has a cup holder, and a tong/utensil holder.

I’ve come to love the idea of the electric grill, as there’s so much less work involved then there is with the charcoal or propane variety. The format of the George Foreman grill has really evolved over the last 25 years in so many shapes and sizes. “The champ” which is the original small tabletop is still going strong. There are the larger family size grills, like my new one, a deep fryer and roaster just to name a few. 

George Foreman Outdoor Grill
The features of the George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor upgrade are a nice bonus.

Background on the George Foreman

Long before George Foreman became the spokesperson for the lean mean fat-reducing grilling machine, which is the original name for the grill and also sounds like something Muhammad Ali might have said, George was one of the all-time greats in the history of boxing. He’s also been an author and an ordained minister. He’s had his most success as an entrepreneur and has been spokesperson for the grill since 1994. Foreman sold more than 80 million of these grills and pocketed more than a hundred fifty million big ones. This surpasses his total earnings in his storied boxing career. 

George Foreman Outdoor Grill
Grilling eggplant outdoors on “The Jorge” is a cinch!

The Jorge

A grill is typically a prized possession for many, much like an automobile or a boat or anything else of that status that works its way into a person’s everyday life. A guitar or any other musical instrument is yet another great example. Anyway, these are the types of possessions that sometimes need a name to go with them. Boats are almost always named, and that name is slapped across the back of the boat in big bold letters. I’ve decided to name my grill, “Jorge”, which is Spanish for George. “The Jorge” is also fun to say! With summer here, the time is right for a lot of grilling. The Jorge will be in the center of the ring going blow to blow, round by round with whatever of my favorite cuisine I send its way.

At the end of these long summer days don’t be caught with your guard down and your back against the ropes. Don’t go to bed hungry. I’ll be taking The Jorge out on the back deck with a delicious cool beverage to whip up something savory to satisfy my taste buds. I can hardly wait!

Whatever outlet you may choose for summer grilling, just get outside and enjoy the outdoors, and relish in some delicious grilled food! 

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