30-Day Minimalism Game 2021

Today is the first day of January, better yet, the first day of a new year, 2021, but for us, it is the first day of the 30-day minimalism game. If you are unfamiliar with the game, take a look at last year’s January 1st post.

In short, we use each day of January to get rid of items. For example, on January 1st, we get rid of 1 item, January 2nd, 2 items, January 3rd, 3 items, and so on. The person who can go the furthest in the month wins. We create a prize that is not materialistic. For example, last year, the loser had to plan the next adventure, and the year prior, the loser had to cook every meal for the month of February. Fortunately, neither of us have ever lost. We both always make it to January 31st (a day extra), ridding ourselves of 496 items each. Items can be anything, so it adds up quickly, and somehow, over the course of a year, we accumulate extra stuff—and that is with us living a minimal life. Items can be anything: dishes, office supplies, tickets, paper items, collectibles, tools, crafts… anything goes!

If you are someone who wants to start to declutter or wants to try your hand at a minimalist lifestyle, this is a great way to ease into it. The game was created by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus, also known as “The Minimalists.” You can head over to their site for tons of other resources, and inspiration, including their documentary, Minimalism. The documentary was one of the inspirations for our lifestyle change, back in 2016.

If you choose to take part, be sure to tag us on social media (IG: @arneradventures, FB: @arneradventures, Twitter: @arneradventures), so that we can cheer you on! We will be posting our discarded items each day on those platforms, so be sure to follow us to check those out. It is a great way for us to hold ourselves accountable.  Also, use the hashtag #minsgame so you can take part on a larger scale, with many others who begin their year with this purging process.

One important rule, each day, the item(s) must be outside of your home, by midnight. This prevents second guessing yourself or sliding items back into your home. 😉 Remember, fill your life with adventures, not things.

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