Self-Care Checklist

Self-care sure isn’t a topic that is foreign to anyone reading this. Not only it is a catchy hashtag for social media, but there are tons of podcasts, TED talks, and books on how important self-care is. Don’t let the trendy aspect deter you from it bring a priority. There is most definitely a reason it remains a hot topic.

We are no different, in that it is something that is a recurring practice in our life. We both know the importance of self-care, especially after having our business that we ran 24/7, and finally ended in 2017, to save our lives, literally. We were suffering from burnout that included severe fatigue and had zero self-care practices since we were putting everything we had into our business; there was nothing left over for us. Hindsight, we could have put mechanisms into place that reduced the burnout, but in the middle of a hurricane, there is hardly a logical moment to think of how to prepare- that is why it is important to prepare before the storm.  

Lessons are learned from hard times, right? We are thankful for the experiences we have gone through, as they make us who we are today- stronger individuals, and even stronger couple.

Arner Adventures has always been a way of life for us that includes, not only the physical adventures we have with travel and experiences, but also our journey through this life together, which includes self-care so that we may enjoy it.

We thought we would share a self-care checklist that you can either use as a guide for ways you can practice self-care or use it as a guide to create your own.

When we feel off center, we recognize and honor that we may have to re-adjust the checklist, or items on the list. Sometimes, areas for self-care seem to take a priority over others, and that is one of the beautiful aspects of this practice. There are no rules when it comes to self-care, except to only have matters that warm your heart, care for your body, and nurture your soul. No matter what you have going on right now, please take the time to practice self-care. We hope this was a helpful start for you if it is something you have not considered for your life. Let us know ways you practice self-care.  

4 thoughts on “Self-Care Checklist

  1. Out of your list I realize I don’t do, but should do at least 7 things. One of those things – swim in the ocean – I will never do. Too many scary things in those waters.

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