Episode #1: Why We Sold Everything and Moved to the Coast

Why We Sold Everything and Moved to the Coast

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Want to know how it all began for us? This whole Arner Adventures journey? Well, sit back for a few minutes and let us tell you a story about how our minimalist lifestyle began, and hopefully inspire you to life a life without the physical baggage, get a better handle of the emotional baggage, and curate a lifestyle that gets you excited to wake up each day!

In this episode we chat about:

  • The biggest question we get is how exactly did we get to where we wanted to sell everything, pick up, and move to the coast, living a minimalist life. 
  • Huge success of our business, yet no quality of life. We were not enjoying the fruits of our labor.
  • Poor health- physical and mental health began taking a toll. 
  • Burnout, loss of loved ones (human and pets)
  • We were filling our home with stuff in order to fill a void.
  • Mental breakdown, depression. Something had to give. 
  • Survival plan- sell our home, stuff, biz, downsized, go to the ocean to heal. 
  • People thought we were crazy! We started the Arner Adventures blog to document our journey in our tiny home, and our minimalist lifestyle.
  • Our blog has transitioned into how we live life minimally, but fully. The entire experience helped us focus more on living with more intention. 
  • Decided to start “The Arner Adventures Podcast” as a way to not only share our own experience, but to bring on guests who have been a spark in our lives along the way- people who, too, have opted for a life that doesn’t fit into conventional structures.

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