5 Plants that Vibe with Our Coastal Minimalist Home

Our coastal bungalow, while decorated minimally, breathes life and energy, not only due to the salty air, and the boundless light that enters the windows, but with the plants that are dispersed throughout. Not only are the plants air purifying, but they provide aesthetically pleasing décor for our abode.

I (Shannon) have talked about my love of plants before, and how that adoration connects with our minimalist lifestyle, so I won’t bog you down with those details, but rather this time, discuss more of the décor aspect, especially as it relates to our simple, and satisfying home.

Even though we live on the coast, where it is statistically a bit warmer than our inland friends, we still have winter, and the chilling temps that accompany the season. Therefore, our interior becomes a bit greener this time of year, as the outdoor plants come in, for protection. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t have an indoor jungle, but we do have a significant amount of plants, and when the traditional household plants share their space with the traditional outdoor plants, well, it gets a little cozy, but more of a hygge feel, and we dig it. No pun intended.

I thought I would share my top 5 plants that live inside our bungalow, either year-round, or in the colder months, but those that vibe with our minimalist lifestyle.

Sidenote- as a true plant mom, I should add that while I love all of my plants equally, I just seem to gravitate a little more to the plants I am highlighting here. 😉

(1) Mr. Plant- Pothos- Epipremnum aureum

If you know me, or have been a follower of this blog, you know Mr. Plant. We go way back. My first plant, I welcomed him into my life in 1994, and thankfully have kept him alive and well for all these years. Yes, the pothos is one of the easiest plants to care for, but believe it or not, with the plant lover that I am today, I still do not consider myself as having a green thumb. Thankfully, the plants that stick around, just mesh well with me, and vice versa. If you saw Mr. Plant last year in this post, you will be shocked at how vibrant he is today. He normally enjoys the outdoors in the spring and summer but must come inside in the fall and winter. With light nearby, he can remain healthy and happy. Since we moved to Beaufort, he has looked the richest green I have ever seen. He must really enjoy his surroundings, as much as we do.

Mr. Plant, our pothos

(2) François- Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree- Ficus lyrate

I was introduced to the appeal of the fiddle leaf fig by Hilton Carter. His Instagram posts on his favorite plant immediately made me intrigued. I have to admit that while I gravitated towards the aesthetic that the fiddle leaf fig provided, I was intimidated by those who talked about how particular of a plant it could be. Lordy, did I want to bring in a plant that I may fall in love with, just to kill it? I did my research, watching tons of Hilton’s videos on how to care for the species, the dos and don’ts, and finally began my search for one. I finally found the fiddle tree at a local nursery, only a foot or two high at the time, and began caring for the fella, which I happily named, François. Since acquiring him a couple of years ago, he is now about seven feet tall, and is as handsome as he can be, while providing a chic style to our living area.

François, our fiddle leaf fig

(3) Audrey- Ficus Audrey- Ficus benghalensis

Audrey became a part of our family after I continued to see all over Apartment Therapy, not only how beautiful she was in various minimalist dwellings, but that she was being touted as the new fiddle leaf fig, in the plant styling world. She has large leaves that need to be gently wiped once/week as they accumulate dust, like François, and once clean, she exudes splendor, seeming to be happy with the way she stands proud in her white pot. Similar to Mr. Plant, she has also thrived since our move to Beaufort, and we couldn’t be happier for that.

Audrey, our ficus audrey

(4) Sammy- Snake Plant- Sansevieria

Naturally, I love a plant that is difficult to kill, but that isn’t why I brought Sammy into our home. While walking through a nursery a few years ago, I walked past Sammy the snake plant, and felt him poke/grab my arm. I looked at the table, and there he was, this little snake plant, just adorable, staring up at me, as if to say, “hey lady, please take me home. You can’t kill me, in fact, I will take care of you.” Well, who can say no to that?! In all seriousness, I am not proud to admit that this was in impulse buy, but I do believe that he intentionally poked me, to get my attention. I later learned that dear Sammy cleans air better than most other indoor plants as he absorbs excessive amounts of carbon monoxide. Additionally, he emits oxygen and filters other toxins from the air. Aesthetically, well, he looks so distinguished standing in a corner, having grown now to about 3 feet, standing on his plant stand, at about 4 feet tall.  Sammy is no-drama, and I love that about him.

Sammy, our snake plant

(5) Jimmy- Yucca Tree- Yucca

I fell in love with Jimmy due to him bringing an island-vibe to our home. Jimmy, being a yucca, reminds me of a palm tree, hence the name Jimmy, as in Buffett. Jimmy loves the sunshine, so he lives outdoors in the spring and summer. Being of Caribbean descent, he wouldn’t last below 60 degrees for a few nights, so as soon as the tropical feel of summer is over, he comes inside, where he inhabits a bright corner for the colder months. Jimmy is a wonderful addition to our minimalist home and allows for a fresh reminder of living on the coast, whether he is inside, or outside. While outside, our patio is adorned with his flamboyancy, as if he is inviting the citronella torches for a salsa dance. Jimmy’s presence is an Aide-mémoire that we are on island time, and to live each day as such.

Jimmy, our yucca tree

We hope that these plant children of ours inspire you to begin building or to nourish your own plant family, whether you want to add some style to your minimalistic décor, or to nourish your home with purified air and an ambiance that you deserve in your home sanctuary.

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  1. I must admit I had to research the word hygge before commenting. Not sure when that word was invented but it’s pretty cool. Which is exactly what you were going for. I’m fascinated by your minimalistic life and I’m baffled as to why because if I saw all that white in my house it would scream “paint me colorful.” But, that explains why I continually purge. I guess you guys are rubbing off on me. Now to get a cutting for my pot.🥺

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