Episode #11: A Spark in Our Lives: CEO, Publicist, Author, and Mental Health Advocate- Scout Sobel

Scout Sobel The Emotional Entrepreneur

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The “Spark in Our Lives” series of The Arner Adventures Podcast is where we invite people who have lit a spark in us, in one way or another, who have inspired us, who have cultivated the life that they desire. This guest has not only lit a spark in our lives, but she has ignited flames! This week, our guest made dreams come true by agreeing to speak with us. Seriously. Scout Sobel is our guest this week and we are elated.

Let us tell you about Scout Sobel:

Scout Sobel is the founder of Scout’s Agency, co-host of the popular Okay Sis Podcast, host of The Emotional Entrepreneur podcast, and the bestselling author of The Emotional Entrepreneur. She is a trailblazer in the media industry for utilizing podcasts as a powerful form of PR. After starting Okay Sis, which focuses on female guests, Scout fell in love with spreading women’s stories and identified the rising popularity and influence of podcasting. She started Scout’s Agency with an emphasis in podcast PR for women entrepreneurs, podcasters, and brands. 

In 2.5 years, Scout’s Agency has become the leading agency for getting women as guests on podcasts. Scout has also lived with bipolar disorder for the last 15 years. She was once unable to function in society but after finding entrepreneurship and taking radical responsibility over her emotions, she is now able to live a life of purpose. Her debut book The Emotional Entrepreneur provides the mindset and emotional tools she learned from managing her mental illness that have helped her succeed in business. The Emotional Entrepreneur hit #11 on Amazon for Women in Business and the Top 100 Charts for Entrepreneurship. Her book is a staple in my (Shannon) life, and I carry it with me everywhere.

In this episode we chat about:

  • As a seasoned podcaster, what inspired Scout to write the book, “The Emotional Entrepreneur”.
  • Not allowing mental illness to be a wall in your life, instead using it to help you flourish.
  • Practicing self-care, recognizing triggers/issues when our boundaries are being surpassed and how to maneuver through that.
  • Guidance for female entrepreneurs who may be struggling with mental health issues and do not have support systems in place.
  • Prioritizing our mental health as entrepreneurs.
  • How to work through failure and not be afraid of it.
  • Scout answers audience questions and drops knowledge for new business owners who have left their 9-5 to chase their dreams!
  • Scout answers our 10 rapid fire questions, and the most important, “what does a life well lived mean to you?”

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