Episode #12: A Spark in Our Lives: Bestselling Author- Tricia O’Malley

Bestselling author Tricia O'Malley

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The “Spark in Our Lives” series of The Arner Adventures Podcast is where we invite people who have lit a spark in us, in one way or another, who have inspired us, who have cultivated the life that they desire. Not only is this week’s guest able to take us on adventures through her writing, but she is actually living her own adventure. Through various life events, she started a life of writing, moved to the Caribbean, and is living the life that she desires. Tricia O’Malley is indeed a spark in our lives!

Let us tell you about Tricia O’Malley:

Tricia O’Malley is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of contemporary romance, paranormal romance, and cozy mystery novels. She lives in the Caribbean with her handsome Scotsman and her dog, Blue. An avid scuba diver, Tricia spends much of her time underwater dreaming up new stories while photographing the beautiful sea life. Tricia loves fun vacation reads, believes in mermaids, and has a serious travel addiction. She discovers her inspiration on the go – and you’ll find her books set in beautiful settings with characters who deserve a happily-ever-after. With over three million books read, Tricia’s stories have touched hearts around the world.

In this episode we chat about:

  • Her standalone book, “Ms. Bitch” being based on her own life, and the inspiration behind it.
  • How she got started with writing, and her first book, “The Stolen Dog“- the proceeds of that book go to animal advocacy programs. Could we love her more?!
  • How Tricia stays focused to write all of her books while living the Caribbean life!
  • What Caribbean life is like, and getting used to Island Time.
  • Her theme of strong women as characters in her books.
  • Her travels throughout the year, and integrating that into her stories.
  • What is coming up for Tricia and what her fans can expect.
  • Ocean fans- lots of talk about what’s under the sea, scuba diving and more!
  • Tricia answers audience questions about her writing, books, our 10 rapid fire questions, and the most important question, “what does a life well lived mean to you?” She does not disappoint!

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