Episode #31: Are you an HSP? Discussing Highly Sensitive People and How to Know if You Are One

am I an HSP

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You may have heard about HSP – Highly Sensitive Person but aren’t quite sure what exactly it is or what defines someone as an HSP. We talk about HSPs and Highly Sensitive People/Person a lot in our home, mainly because Gerry has identified as an HSP for a number of years, and Shannon has recently discovered HSP tendencies. We have received some DMs from people who have related to some of Gerry’s comments about being an HSP so we thought we would address the topic head-on, diving deep into all things HSP. We hope that this conversation can help you realize whether or not you are a Highly Sensitive Person, and give you some ideas of how to maneuver through that lifestyle.

In this episode we chat about:

  • Defining HSP in layman’s terms
  • Mind Body Green’s indicators of HSP- Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS)
  • Gerry discusses his experience with discovering being an HSP
  • Statistics about highly sensitive people
  • A quick quiz to get an idea if you are an HSP
  • Our offering of a more in-depth look at whether or not you are an HSP via our website, and the resources we have put together with how to maneuver as an HSP

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