Are you an HSP – Highly Sensitive Person?


As a child, I (Gerry) was always sensitive to certain sounds and loud noises. The vacuum cleaner used to irritate me and I would have to leave the room. I never understood why certain things would bother me and often just thought that it affected everyone the same way. It was only until I was an adult, having conversations with other people, that I realized that my sensitivities to things like caffeine, overhead light, and others were not what everyone experienced. I began researching ways to maneuver through these situations and found that this personality trait is called HSP- a highly sensitive person.

highly sensitive person

How do I know if I am an HSP?

Approximately 20% of the population are highly sensitive people. Some don’t know that they are nor do they understand why they experience things a certain way.

There are a plethora of HSP quizzes out there. You can get a good idea by skimming over some of them. We have put together a more in-depth quiz that dives a little deeper than just the external factors that most quizzes you will find cover. Feel free to take the quiz and see where you are.

HSP Quiz


Answered YES to 7 or more? Congrats! You are more than likely a highly sensitive person. You are part of a group of deep-thinking, creative doers who may just need a little more quiet time than most.

Answered YES to 6 or less? You have sensitive tendencies and are highly sensitive in certain situations and should not discount yourself as being an HSP. You should listen to your body and mind in all situations and do what is most comfortable for you. Respect your boundaries in all situations.

There are currently no psychological tests available that accurately and definitively define someone as being an HSP. All we can do is continue to learn as much as we can about the topic and do what is best for our own bodies and minds.

If you would like the PDF downloadable version of the quiz, you can access that below.

Maneuvering Through Certain Situations as an HSP

Interesting in learning more about how to handle certain situations of being a highly sensitive person? We have put together a FREE HSP Guide- an HSP Toolkit you can call it, with helpful tips on how to maneuver through certain situations to better adapt as an HSP. You can access it HERE.

HSP Guide

“I can’t stand chaos. I hate loud environments. Art makes me cry. No, I’m not crazy; I’m a textbook example of a highly sensitive person.”

Anne Marie Crosthwaite