Episode #4: What Does a Life Well Lived Mean to You?

Arner Adventures a life well lived

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This is a fun episode, because similar to our first few episodes, you are going to get to know us better, but in a fun way! You are also going to get a sneak peak of a small portion of the guest episodes. We are introducing a segment that we will include on our guest episodes: 10 rapid fire questions, and then ending with a very important question that every guest will be asked, “what does a life well lived mean to you?” This is a really great way to dig deep into getting to know more about someone, and we are super excited about it! So, let’s go!

 In this episode we chat about:

  • The guest episode format- with next week being our first guest episode (eeeek! so excited!) we go over what that will look like. By the way, we aren’t just going to do some rapid fire questions and that’s it. We just have this as a segment. We didn’t feel as though we needed to dig into a deep conversation with each other (Ger and Shannon) for you to get to know us, especially if you listened to the first few episodes. If you are really dying to get to know us on a deeper level, go back to episode 1. πŸ™‚
  • What does a life well lived mean to you? Gerry answers first, discussing how he would like to know that he lived a life of being true to himself. He goes into detail about what that means to him. Shannon describes that she would like to have lived a life without any regrets, having told the people in her life what they mean to her. We are looking forward to hearing what our guests say when this question is asked.

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