Live Swell: 50’s Style Beach Bungalow in NC Outer Banks

The Live Swell Avalon Beach Bungalow is located Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, close to where the Wright Brothers made their historic flight back in 1903, also known as the NC Outer Banks (OBX). This little bungalow had all that was needed to stay put once we arrived, given that it was a weekend getaway, and it was before the coronavirus quarantine.

Upon arrival, it’s always fun to dig in, and hang your hat so to speak. It is fun to check out the surroundings, what your sleeping arrangements look like, what the furniture looks and feels like, and what entertainment is available (other than the ocean itself). There was a nice sectional couch with a large flat screen, a Roku device brought us some of the most relaxed, chill, music, provided by the Live Swell Chill Playlist. To the right of the TV, was a small woodfire stove, with plenty of wood available. We took full advantage of the cool nights, and lit a fire in it. This may have been Betty White’s favorite part of the stay. This, the playlist, and OBX-opoly (special edition monopoly), were the only three diversions we needed.

Betty White and her first experience in a hammock

Once settled, I (Gerry) made an intentional, one-trip out, to fulfill some needs and give Shannon and Betty White a little down time in the bungalow on a chilly afternoon. I went a mile down the road to the local Food Lion to pick up essentials for our two-night stay (water, snacks, wine, and beer). I then went a mile, or two in the opposite direction to pick up some tasty Mexican takeout. We don’t travel anywhere and not find the local Mexican fare. Upon arriving back, we were set-up for the next few days. We had a wonderfully relaxed evening with drinks, soft music, and OBX-opoly (the first part of a two-nighter).

Enjoying the front porch view from the bungalow

Saturday saw us wanting to stay in our relaxed/chill mode, while enjoying the bungalow. With it being just steps away from the beach, our one of two outings were taking a stroll to the beach with Betty White. Upon returning, enjoying lunch on the bungalow porch, we then took an afternoon nap, we took Betty White for a second walk on the beach, came back and ordered out pizza. After all, we weren’t planning on stepping a foot away from this bungalow unless it had sand involved.

The weather got increasingly nicer throughout our stay and we were able to spend our last day with doors open, swinging on the two patio hammocks. Short but sweet, this was certainly a nice time, and much needed getaway, since most of our travel as of recent, as been busy, and bustling. We took direction from the owners of the house, and most definitely, lived swell. The Live Swell folks have really made sure that the bungalow has a welcoming feel, but also added nice welcoming touches like a personalized note to us, and a little welcome gift: local chocolate, and a Live Swell koozie.

If you are interested in one of the Live Swell Bungalows, check them out here. You won’t be disappointed!

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