Noopl- An Important Travel Essential for Conversations


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Traveling is something that we do to stay connected as a couple. It is a great way for us to have adventures together and experience new things. With all of the hustle bustle of going from the airport to the hotel, to the excursion or adventure, to several restaurants, parks, or planned events, subways, train stations, rideshares, back to the airport, etc., we often can get disconnected in conversation. Don’t get me wrong, traveling is wonderful and a great way to bring us together, but it hit us recently while sitting at the airport, as we were trying to engage in a thoughtful conversation, reflecting on the recent trip, that it was difficult to hear and stay engaged. This happens quite a bit while we are on the go, and frankly, it bummed us out. 


Meet Noopl

We recently found out about this great product that has been a game changer for us while traveling, and even during busy events, locally, and staying connected while communicating with each other and others. It’s called Noopl. Noopl is essentially a solution for us to be able to have external noise-free conversations by simply connecting Noopl, the device, to your iPhone while wearing your Airpods Pro. In fact, Noopl is the most advanced hearing enhancement accessory for the iPhone. It gives you the ability to connect with those around you, by allowing  you to hear clearly in noisy places so you can connect, most especially when it matters.


How Noopl Helps Us Stay Connected

Noopl allows us to actually stay engaged while we are on the go, looking towards each other, rather than being shut out, more specifically, during all of the outside noise, while sitting in the airport, on the subway, while grabbing food in busy restaurants, or waiting in a crowd. Noopl uses Airpods Pro dynamic head tracking to sense where you are looking, so all we have to do is look towards each other. How difficult is that?! Spoiler alert- it’s not. It even brings in a bit of mindfulness, and best practices when it comes to good communication skills. Win-win! 

Noopl comes with a handy carry case for the device, so I can keep it clipped inside my bag for easy access. When I need to use it, I grab it, insert it into the phone, get my Airpods, pop them into my ears, and focus my attention towards where I want to listen. It’s that simple.

Even though I don’t have a hearing issue persay, I definitely have an attention issue, so this has been something that has also helped me with that. With a lot of background noise, I have found that it is much easier to hear where I am focusing my eyes, which again, helps with mindfulness. Gerry has found that it has helped him in situations where he may have difficulty with people who may be low talkers, especially in crowds. It helps him focus on the low-talker’s voice and shut out the background noise and hear what that person is saying. 


Noopl’s Values

Noopl’s values align with ours as well, and that means a great deal.  Not only is the product amazing, but the folks over at Noopl know how important conversations are. Every single nuance adds clarity. As I was discussing Gerry and I sitting in the airport, after enjoying our wonderful trip, but being unable to talk about it, due to the loud noises, and being unable to hear each other. Noopl allows clarity, and a sense of vibrance to our lives through additional conversations that are to be had.  

Bonus, Noopl offers a 90-day  money back guarantee and a  one-year  warranty. That is how confident they are that you will be thrilled with the satisfaction of having Noopl in your life as not only a travel companion, but a solution to better conversations with those you care about. 

We highly recommend Noopl as a travel essential, but also a must-have for your valued relationships for keeping communication a priority. Be sure to visit this link for more information and to learn about how you can bring Noopl into your own conversations. 

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