Celebrity Edge Rainbow Egg Chair — The Original + Dupes To Purchase

Celebrity Edge Rainbow Egg Chair

One of our favorite parts of traveling is exploring new things around the world. Whether it’s trying a new cuisine or meeting new people, we’re always enthusiastic to hop out of our comfort zone and do something new. After all, travel makes us better humans. For this particular blog post, we’re sharing an interior design masterpiece that I (Shannon) came across during my recent cruise aboard the Celebrity Edge. It’s truly one of its kind — a furniture piece I haven’t seen anywhere before, and I’m sure you haven’t, either! It’s the Celebrity Edge Rainbow Egg Chair. We’re also sharing dupes to purchase, so stay tuned!

The Iconic Celebrity Edge Rainbow Chair

Warmer, sunnier days — the harbinger of summer — instigated me to cruise the waters during one of my recent travels. I enjoyed cocktails and sunset views behind the gushing waters, but beyond that, I came across a stunning furniture piece that single-handedly turned heads: the Rainbow Egg chair.

This chair was specific to my cruise ship, Celebrity Edge. And when I posted the photo on the ‘gram, the DMs blew up and I was bombarded with questions about the stunning chair.

When I tried to search more about the Rainbow Egg chair and get answers or how everyone could purchase it, I found out Celebrity Edge ordered it from a corporate furniture company, and no one could buy it. A bummer, I know! But since we don’t have access to the original, why not consider lookalikes to achieve a similar look — and recreate the same vibe — in your space? I’ve put together the top dupes of the Celebrity Edge Rainbow Chair for you to purchase and adorn your space. So, let’s started!

Celebrity Edge Rainbow Egg Chair Dupes

Hunting dupes for the Celebrity Edge Rainbow Chair had me surfing the internet like crazy; I knew I had to do something to help achieve a similar look! It’s perfect for minimalist decor, too! Here’s what I came up with:

Round Rainbow Chillasan Hanging Chair

This Rainbow Chillasan outdoor chair, made of durable all-weather wicker, is my closest selection to the Rainbow Egg chair. Its rounded silhouette handles at the ends, and cheerful, colorful stripes resemble the original — making it the perfect selection if you’re looking to replicate the exact same vibe.

If you wish to subtend it freely in the air from the top, you can purchase the hanging chair stand. The white chair cushion is also to be purchased separately. The product is easy to assemble and convenient to clean (with a damp cloth and mild soap solution).

Although it is designed to be an outdoor chair, you can adorn your indoor space with it, too! Ideally, you can create a statement with the rainbow chair in an otherwise white interior.

Celebrity Edge Rainbow Egg Chair
Round Rainbow Chillasan Hanging Chair | Photo Courtesy of World Market
Acapulco Chair Set

My next selection was this beautiful set of Acapulco chairs. The legs of the armchairs are made of metal, with the upper portion using durable plastic. 

These differ from the original Celebrity Edge Rainbow Chair as they’re not subtended in the air, but rather rest on the floor. However, the pop of color and rainbow shades ensure you can achieve the same vibe!

The chair frame is UV resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use. You can also flank an indoor table with these chairs (and perhaps use cushions) to create a stunning seating corner.

Celebrity Edge Rainbow Egg Chair
Acapulco Chairs | Photo Courtesy of Wayfair
Portable Hammock Rope Chair

If you’re on the hunt for a super comfortable version of the Celebrity Edge Rainbow Egg chair, this portable hammock is for you! It’s extremely soft seating — owing to the two cushions — is perfect to take an afternoon nap amidst fresh air and sunshine. 

Plus, its diverse colors and freely-hanging nature replicate the original Rainbow Egg chair and can bring a pop of color to even the most boring spaces.

Celebrity Edge Rainbow Egg Chair
Portable Hammock Rope Chair | Photo Courtesy of The Home Depot
Tahiti Island Rope Swing Hammock Chair

A slightly understated version of the chair above, the Tahiti Island Rope Swing Hammock is another stunning dupe of the Celebrity Edge Rainbow chair. 

It is woven using high-quality material, so you can expect it to last several years. The white base of the hammock is topped with multiple different colors, giving it the ultimate rainbow effect.

The cherry on the cake? Its holed nature gives it an airy effect, perfect for enjoying the breeze and beating the heat on a hot summer day.

Celebrity Edge Rainbow Egg Chair
Tahiti Island Rope Swing Hammock Chair | Photo Courtesy of The Home Depot

Found Your Rainbow Egg Chair?

The Celebrity Edge Rainbow Egg Chair makes a statement of its own among interior design enthusiasts — and if you’re hoping to replicate its vibe in your space, my top 4 picks will do the trick! If you happen to be aboard Celebrity Edge and are looking for the Rainbow Egg Chair, make your way to Eden at the aft part of the ship. You will find it, and a beautiful view of the ocean awaits you.

Which dupe do you love most? Let us know.

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