Visiting Wynwood Walls – Miami

Wynwood Miami

The Wynwood Walls in Miami is the place to visit if you are into the art scene. It’s also an ideal locale if you really want some great instagrammable moments during your visit in the Wynwood area. The Wynwood Miami area is instagrammable on it’s own, due to it being the home of the arts and fashion district, but the Wynwood Walls project puts the wow-factor into the area. Whether or not you are an art fan, you will enjoy this spot. It is a must-see on your Miami visit.

Wynwood Miami

A Little Bit Of Background

Clearly, you will capture some really great photos at Wynwood Walls, but this isn’t just a great spot for content grabbing. This is truly a destination to take in some underappreciated street artist’s work in an outdoor gallery of sorts, conceived by the late urban developer in the Wynwood Miami area, Tony Goldman. In 2009, Goodman had the notion that turning the warehouses into works of art would help to revitalize the Wynwood area, and Wynwood Walls would be a tourist destination that would help to do just that. Guess what, it did.

Wynwood Walls

The area is now home to a working production studio, tons of art galleries, and as mentioned, the art and fashion industry thrives in Wynwood. In 2013, The Miami New Times moved its headquarters to the Wynwood Miami area. It is also home to a plethora of restaurants, including those with James Beard award winning chefs. This place is flourishing!

Wynwood Miami

The Wynwood Walls

The murals you will see at Wynwood Walls are not your typical street graffiti. The caliber of work at Wynwood is unsurpassed. This is eye candy on steroids, but top level shit. Primo shit. You’ll see art that seems to make a political statement, while others seem to be whimsical in nature. Either way, in the hustle bustle world we live in, it’s nice to walk around in the outside air, taking in artwork of this magnitude.

As you walk around, people just seem to be happy. The artwork has that impact on people. It takes you into another world, if just for an hour or so, to think about something else. We think after the year we’ve all had, this is literally the breath of fresh air we all need. When you leave, be sure to meander around the Wynwood district of Miami. The area as a whole has so much to offer, similar to Wynwood Walls.

Wynwood Miami

Need To Know

There are a few things that we feel are important for you to know before you go, so that you are able to have the best experience at Wynwood Walls:

  • We highly recommend taking an Uber or Lyft. If you have a car, parking would be a nightmare. There is free street parking, but good luck finding any. There are some parking decks in the area that charge $10-$25 to park.
  • Basic entry for one person is $10. This is really all you need. With this entry, you can spend as much time as you want, and maneuver as you please. There are options for guided tours, memberships, etc. if that is what you prefer.
  • There are bathrooms that are fairly decent, which was a nice bonus. 
  • To beat the Miami heat, there are a couple of indoor gallery spaces at Wynwood Walls. These spaces have smaller pieces to view. It’s refreshing to catch a break during your visit. 
  • There were options to buy beverages and even popsicles during our visit. There are also lots of choices within walking distance of Wynwood Walls.
  • Have fun, take pics, and be sure to admire and respect the artists’ work. Sure, these are really great backdrops for photos, but these artists put a ton of work into these pieces. Take the time to really take them in. They are truly amazing. 
Wynwood Miami

This is a really great video on the background of the Wynwood Walls, but the video really doesn’t do it justice. You should see it in person, and should be on the top of your list while in Miami. If you are looking for other things to do while in Miami, check out our visit to Little Havana– also highly recommended! 

Wynwood Miami

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