Episode #28: A Spark in Our Lives: Entrepreneur, World Traveler, and Storyteller: Graham Brown

Graham Brown

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Our guest today is going to have you so inspired that, if you are driving to work when you are listening to this, you just may walk into work, fire your boss, list your car for sale by this afternoon, and make a plan to travel the world because if that is your goal, or that is something you are contemplating, he is going to get you amped to do just that! Our guest is Graham Brown and he authored the book, “Fire Your Boss, Sell Your Car, Travel the World – a guide to living location independent”.

Let us tell you about Graham Brown:

Graham Brown is a World Traveling Storyteller, Author & Entrepreneur. He is a renowned public speaker, a thought leader, and an expert in personal branding. He sold everything to travel the world with his family, living location independent. Graham helps Corporate Leaders find their authentic voice through creating their own podcasts and speaking on other people’s podcasts. He is also the founder of a full-service podcast agency and since he is such a great storyteller, his agency helps corporations tell their brand story in a more human way than traditional PR can achieve. Clients include global corporates like EY, JB, UBS as well as TEDX speakers and authors.

In this episode we chat about:

  • What led Graham to live location independent
  • The broad picture of labels and the term, minimalism
  • Society’s views of “normal” and the expectations we set for ourselves
  • What holds people back from going after their dreams
  • Conversations with people about our (and Graham’s) lifestyle and when people criticize it
  • Working ourselves to death, as a society
  • Blowing your mind by traveling and experiencing cultures that differ from your own
  • Graham answers our 10 rapid-fire questions, and the most important question, “What does a life well lived mean to you?”

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