minim quoteMinimalism, for us, is a way of life, yet one that we are constantly practicing, because as you know, practice makes perfect. You may have read on the About Page how Arner Adventures got started- we lived a very busy life (#massiveunderstatement) so we were yearning for simplicity. Our insane work hours, lack of sleep, and constant stress, was beating the life out of physically, but emotionally as well. Once it started affecting our health and well being, we had a huge “Come to Jesus” as we say in the South, and began our lifestyle overhaul, to live a life worth living, and experience the important things that come with it. We constantly work on this, but it becomes simpler each day, as we continue to let go of the stuff, and the baggage that weighs us down in our daily lives.

We found the minimalist lifestyle as we began researching the Tiny House movement. The entire movement speaks to us in a way in which is not only a miracle, in that we both got on board right

2017 Summer Reading: Tiny House Basics by our spirit animal couple: Joshua and Shelley Engber This was a wonderful guide to help us go Tiny.Β 

away, but it spoke to our souls as we began to seek out a simpler, less hectic home life- basically, a sanctuary.Β  It seems that with Tiny Living, comes mindfulness, conservation, and sustainability. We beganΒ  looking at our carbon footprint and attempting to reduce what we put into the world, again, all of the shit that we as human, call necessities. The bottom of this page has a few resources in which we found to be helpful through our lifestyle transition.

I (Shannon) went from having a guest bedroom turned into my closet, because I “needed” a shit-ton of shoes and clothes, with a custom counter in the middle so I could lie out my jewelry every night to match the next day’s outfit (yes, all true) to now utilizing Courtney Carver’s Project 333 approach and only have clothes I will actually wear, and items that “bring me joy”- a favorite saying by one of The Minimalists: Joshua Fields Milburn.

Gerry is sort of a minimalist by nature. We have a joke that Gerry could live in the middle of the woods, in a tent, with Betty White, maybe me, and his guitar and he would be in complete zen.

letting gothings-i-actually-need

We are always tweaking our craft of Minimalism- meaning, we are not experts, by any means. It does take effort for us, still, as we work to reject the impulsiveness of going straight to Amazon when we think we need something. We now ask ourselves, do we actually need it? If so, is there a way we can get it locally, by not going out of our way, wasting gas, time, etc. and also keep our money locally. It’s amazing how, when taking the time to think about the things we want to buy or pick-up, we realize that we don’t need these things at all. The question we always ask ourselves- “Does it bring me joy or is it functional to my life?” If the answer is no, then we don’t bring it into our lives.

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